Tuesday, December 18, 2012

We do not need to be the Grinch of the Society

"Clean up that spill!  You think I'm your ah sum (aka maid) to clean after you?"

"Don't you know how to put in a new roll of toilet paper after you finished the last one?"

"Put the water into the kettle and boil water when you see that there are no more water in the jug.  Don't wait for me to do it every time!"

These are some of the things my dear mum barked at us when we were young, usually it will be followed by a string of nagging verbal disciplining & teaching.  We used to detest it, frown when she starts her scolding or show our displeasure by giving her an irritated look or banging things loudly (which will earn us MORE scolding or sometimes some beating from her) when she demand us to do the things immediately and expect us to do it willingly because that's the way it should be.  Now that we are older, I really appreciate what my mum and I believe many mothers out there, did and preach.  She has mould the four of us into a better person, well mannered, reasonable, considerate, mindful, graciousness, just to name a few.  We are also teaching our own kids the same too and of course mum expects none the less from her 5 grand kids.

I have worked with people who shares the same attitude, every one looks out for each other (of course other then those who likes to play office politics), trying to make office a better place to work in.  I have friends who agrees with the way I discipline my child, the demands and expectations I have for him.  I've met strangers on the street who would not think twice in lending a helping hand, where "Excuse me" or "Please" or "Thank you" was said in a tone where you can feel that it comes straight from the heart.   It used to be a much peaceful and easier life.

I am very frustrated about what happened this morning in the office.  There is an empty bottle of water on the water dispenser, the tissue box is empty, empty biscuit wrapper in the container.  This is the umpteen times I see such things in the office pantry.  What is so difficult to change the bottled water?  C'mon if I; an average size woman, can change it I do not see why a man cannot do it?  The dustbin is in the pantry, you do not need to walk out of the office to throw rubbish, so why are the empty tissue box and wrapper lying around?  The staffs have worked here long enough to know where the tissue boxes are kept, even if they are not sure, what is so difficult to approach me to ask?  They'd rather remain thirsty or go to the wash room outside the office to wash their hands then to do the necessary.  Don't they feel ashamed that the Managing Director or the Directors have to change the bottled water?  Or the CEO complain that the tissue box is empty -again-?  Or perhaps they are away from home for so long that they have learn to keep their heads down, their ears shut and mind their own business?

Such indifferent attitude can be seen and feel in the society too.  We are no longer the courteous, mindful lots.  Not because our younger generations are brought up to be like that, it has to do with some outside elements.  We turned into the Grinch because we were forced to be one.  We turned into the Grinch because this is the only way to survive in the society now.

Nevertheless, I will still insist DinoBoy follows and observes the virtues moral excellence and righteousness so that he is of a better person, to hold his head up high.  I will also try to teach him the ways to survive and fight the "enemies".  We do not need to join the crowd just to make a way out of our life!

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  1. Totally agree! I think you're doing a good job with Z :)

    Chill... relax. Tomorrow IS a better a day!

  2. I know that you are doing an excellent job with Z and he is growing up to be a virtuous and well behaved boy. Hope things get better for you at your workplace.

  3. There's always a difference between a civic minded person and one who only cares for himself/herself. Sadly, the latter is the one who will find it harder to survive.