Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Starting Primary One #5 - Form Filling & Student Care

In early September 2012 we received a letter from the school informing us to go down to the school for some form filling exercise.  Since the school will start to have a student care facility in 2013, there will also be an introduction talk by the student care vendor. 

Since the talk starts at 3.30pm, we planned to reach the school around 2pm for the form filling exercise then proceed to buy the school uniforms, PE attires etc and make it just in time for the talk.  From the letter we have to fill in these forms;

1. Pupil's Data Form 
2. Interbank GIRO Application Form
3. Dental Treatment Form
4. Pupil's Particular Form

Only 4 forms but there are a lot of information to fill in!  It took longer then we anticipated, we have to rush down to the bookshop to squeeze with the other parents to get the school uniforms etc.  We barely made it in time and managed to get the stuffs just before the bookshop closes for the day.  We lugged our "loots" up to the assembly hall on the 2nd floor and waited patiently for the talk to start.

There was a little "commotion" while buying the school uniforms etc.  We met a friend and she asked me how many sets am I getting?  I said 5 sets coz I am working full day so only have weekends to do my laundry, I'd like to have enough uniforms to last the week.  She looked at me; wide eyed, open mouth and every thing, in disbelief.  Anyway I stood my ground, bought 5 sets of uniforms & school socks plus 2 sets of PE attires.  Call me kia-su but I do not want my child to have no uniform to go to school.  

Later that week I was chatting with Mum and told her about this, I got chided off by her... she said DinoBoy will grow up very fast and perhaps he can't fit in the uniforms few months later.  *sigh* So? I can always buy new ones in bigger size right?  Not that I am splurging or waste money or out of my mind but I just want to be prepared and have a peace of mind then to worry or try to remember to wash his uniform on certain days of the week.

It was an informative talk by the student care vendor.  Besides sharing with us the programs they are using to teach and nuture the kids, they also share their daily schedule and I am very happy that the teachers will be supervising the kids on their home work, it means one load off my mine.  However, since the student care will only start operating next year there is a great demand thus not every Primary 1 students are automatically accepted in, we have to submit their Schoolcare Request form and they will inform us whether we have a slot in the school or not.

Daily School Term Schedule
1pm - Pick up/Change/Lunch
2.15pm - School homework + spelling
3.30pm - Tea break
4.15pm - Student care teaching programme
5.45pm - Home sweet home
7pm - Student care closed

Here is our student care's fees structure for info only.

I immediately send in our Schoolcare Request form the next day and about a week later I received a good news through the email that DinoBoy is being accepted into the student care!  Another load off my mind!

With his uniforms settled and a confirmed place in the student care, we are very happy every thing are falling into places.  We only need to wait for the Primary One Orientation in November 2012.  Excited!

~ ~ ~

For the next few weeks I will be sharing our experience on our preparation for DinoBoy's Primary One.  I hope it will serve as a useful guide to parents when its their time to get their child ready for the new journey and have an idea how Parent Volunteer works.

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  1. Wah! I didnt know about the after school care!

    and $5 for every 5 minutes?!! -_-

    1. Child care is $10 but not sure it's every 5 mins or 10 mins.

  2. I have always been wondering what they offer at student cares. Thanks for sharing. I wonder if there's time for free play (for older kids, probably free time to do their own reading or own activities) and rest.

    1. Hi Elaine, I think they have nap time, or at least the one my son's attending will have, coz we were asked to bring sleeping bag for their orientation and to leave the sleeping bag there. According to the time table the school gave out, there are no free time allocated but I guess if the child has not home work or has finished their home work they should be allowed to do their own reading etc.