Monday, December 17, 2012

December 2012 Young Parents - No More Tears

I was approached by Adora of The Gingerbread Mum a couple of months ago to share my experience in dealing with DinoBoy who had separation anxiety due to some changes in his school.  Its for her article in Young Parents and its published in the December 2012 issue under "No More Tears" - page 48 of the magazine.

Here is the page with my contribution.

Thanks Adora for for giving me a chance to share my experience with every one!


  1. Nice!! It's always nice to see what you write in print. :)

  2. Wow! How awesome to be featured in the magazine. I can recognise a few familiar names in the article. Good honest sharing :) My son loves daycare now, but I guess with kids... always expect the unexpected!

    1. Some kids reacts dramatically to changes; like my son, some adjust well. And with things always changing etc, we really have to expect the unexpected.

  3. Eh I gave you an FB comment but will comment here as well! Thanks again for your help. Your vey detailed answers wre very helpful :)

  4. Thanks! I thought I was being long winded :P Thank you again for inviting me to share my experience with others.