Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Its always Murphy's Law

*roll eyes*
How I hate Murphy's Law!
Why can't Murphy just leave me alone?

This morning I had a work plan inside my head, a perfect plan I should say but Murphy decided to gatecrash.  I'm not feeling a tad happy about it.  And I think Murphy have magical power to prolong the "torture" over a period of more then 24 hours.  For my case, it started last Friday... talk about snowballing the issue....  Now I have a handful of things PLANNED for this morning, unfinished. 

Being a FTWM, time is very precious to me, especially when its family time.  I'd rather have a quality & fruitful time with them then to spent it unwisely.  Therefore I always tried to plan something for us to do; it could be a trip to the zoo, shopping, or simply eating out.  Sometimes Murphy start a series of unfortunate events and turn a perfect day into a super foul day.  

I do not wish Murphy to visit or pay extended visit to me.  
I need peace, tranquility, routine, schedule more then Murphy's disruption. 
I want wonderful memories embedded into our mind albeit the usual madness (with 2 spirited people, there can rarely be any quietness or calmness in the household) that runs in the family.

So Murphy, please stay away from me, far... far... FAR AWAY from me.

~ ~ ~

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  1. Same thing as: whatever will go wrong, will.

    I'm superstitious when it comes to these things. The best laud plans tend to go awry, so I actually dread to plan too far ahead, lest I get disappointed cos they don't work out the way they're supposed to.

    Haiz. Why are there no cabs when you're looking for one, and there are plenty when you're not?

    Mr. Murphy always makes a sport of all of us.

    1. YA! Or the buses, or the queue at the cashier counter!