Saturday, December 1, 2012

Late Night Baking of Milk Currant Buns

We have to leave the house tomorrow morning for DinoEgg's graduation concert some where in the west, and from passed years experience we always leave home around 8am with empty stomach.  The journey by taxi takes about an hour, this means that DinoEgg have to wake up at around 7am to get ready.  He will be still feeling sleepy and thus will not have the mood to take his breakfast.  The concert is held at some where in science park so there are basically there will be no eatery or food court open.  Last year we discovered that a canteen in one of the building is open but only sells eggs, toast, coffee and drinks.  Its a good 15mins walk away and we have to rush through our food so that we can make it before the concert starts at 10am.

This year I decided to try to bake mini cupcakes as breakfast for us.  However I saw Alicia's Milk Currant Buns post for my Foodie Fridays linky today and decided to give it a try.

School's closed so DinoEgg is at Granny's, thus I was able to do some groceries shopping for the necessary ingredients before heading there for my dinner.  By the time we reach home it was 9.40pm, we bathed and rest a bit before I start the preparation.  An hours later, my 1st batch of buns are done!

My weird looking batter

Ready to go into the oven!

The buns!

I think something went wrong some where coz my buns look nothing close to Alicia's. DinoEgg waited up for the buns to be done n cooled down, I gave him 1, asked him again n again if its tasty. Each time he replied "Its nice Mum, I love it!" Aye! This boy, I love him so much lah! I am not sure if its the correct texture but Alicia did mention that it taste a bit like muffin. Well it does taste moist, plus I feel like I am eating the Chinese steam cake if it wasn't for the raisins. Have to check with Alicia when I speak to her next.

So here you have it, our breakfast for tomorrow! I hope DinoPapa will like it (He's not home as he's out having fun with his colleagues for their company's D&D)


  1. mmmmmmmmm!!!!! looks kinda yellow, perhaps due to lighting BUT yummy at the same time! You kept one for me to try tomorrow? :p

    1. the color I'd like tt. it's too oily :( Maybe I use a different kind of butter, some dutch brand tt I've never use before.

      keeping one for u :)

  2. i want one too! no, i mean i want two!