Monday, December 31, 2012

Starting Primary One #7 - Student Care Orientation Camp

DinoBoy had his first camp last week, not a real school camp as this is only from 7.30am till 1pm and its conducted by the student care centre.  So after washing up and a good breakfast that includes a few pieces of panda bread, he changed into his school's PE attire, armed with a back pack carrying a  wind breaker (in case it rain), a towel and a water bottle, he is all ready to go for his 1st camp~

Here is the program for the camp and yes we have to pay $20 for the camp.

I was not happy with the camp registration as it was chaotic.  No clear direction was given to the parents who arrived at the school.  No one directs me to the registration table until I walked further in and saw many parents queueing.  Well, naturally I joined too though I wasn't sure what I was queueing for.  The teenager at the table asked for DinoBoy's name, ticked it on her list, gave him a sticker with his name on it and repeats to him "You have to keep this on your tee shirt at all times so that the teacher will know your name, do not lose it." then turned to attend to the next parent in line.  I was clueless on the next step so I asked the girl who looked away from the parent, gave me an irritated expression before telling me to "Go to their respective classes." which I have NO IDEA what she meant by "respective classes" but did not have a chance to asked her.  

I dragged DinoBoy along with me and moved around the crowd for a while before finally managed to find the correct door to go in to DinoBoy's class.  There were a few staffs from the student care but none offered help when we were wondering around, they were either too busy going about their duties or chatting with some parents.

I was directed (finally someone is helpful!) to DinoBoy's class, got him settled in, wanted to kiss him goodbye but he promptly avoided my kiss (so sad!) and I left him.  

Below is according to DinoBoy when I asked him about the camp;
"We sit in the class do connect the dots, some work, then go to the canteen -for breakfast- then go back to class to some work, then teacher bring us out to play.  We play hola hoops, frisbee then go to the canteen, I take the food but I spilled it and don't dare to eat again but teacher give me another plate so I eat then I see you."

While on the way to fetch DinoBoy, Catherine wassapp me saying that he does not want to eat his lunch. She took a photo and sent to me, DinoBoy looking sad and sulking.

When I reached school minutes later, Catherine told me that he spilled his plate of food and refuse to eat. After a teacher spoke to him, she gave him a small plate of rice with veggie and he started to eat.  A teacher approached me while I was accompanying DinoBoy back to the class room, she was concerned with his behaviour earlier.  Apparently DinoBoy spilled his plate of food and he refuse to take any food.  I explained to the teacher that we have taught him since young not to waste any food, he thought he had done something wrong when he spilled his plate of food and felt sad and unhappy.  I guess hunger and some consoling from a few teachers makes him feels better thus he ate the lunch eventually.

I wasn't paying attention to the camp de-brief due to the incident above but its about the general information like the meet up point for the students going to the centre after school dismissal etc.

DinoBoy will be starting his school in a few day's time, he of course can't wait for the day to come faster.  I'm feeling excited too, a little bit of worry mixed in it too.  Let's see how this little street smart boy will adapt to the totally different environment.

~ ~ ~

For the next few weeks I will be sharing our experience on our preparation for DinoBoy's Primary One.  I hope it will serve as a useful guide to parents when its their time to get their child ready for the new journey and have an idea how Parent Volunteer works.

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