Friday, December 28, 2012

Starting Primary One #6 - Primary One Orientation

It is The Day, we have been waiting for it for so long and its finally here, Primary One Orientation!  DinoBoy was very excited and couldn't wait for the time to move faster.

On 16 November 2012 we reached the school slightly after 2.30pm.  We proceed to register DinoBoy and he was given a name tag to be pinned on his tee.  We then walked over to the assembly point where the kids will sit according to their classes.  I bid DinoBoy goodbye and said we will see him later but e was not even paying attention since he was feeling all hyped up and excited, plus Charlotte was there which adds in the fun factor in it.

We left him there and proceed to the school hall for the school's briefing for parents/guardians.  We were given a folder during registration and inside contains school's newsletter, health booklet from Health Promotion Board, Information Sheet for Parents/Guardians, date for sale of school textbooks and school uniforms and an pamphlet from Ministry of Education about Financial Assistance Scheme.

The school briefed us on the school's vision, mission, values and objectives, the school rules, introduction to their school management personnel.  The school handout clearly states important information such as general office telephone numbers, admin manager's telephone number and the school's fax number, email address and website address.  The handbook also show the school hours for Primary One students, the dismissal procedures (the school has a few gates) and also contact details of the bookshop, uniform supplier and school bus transport service. There are also information on the strict rules on school attire and hair style, payment of school & miscellaneous fees.

No excuse to say "I do not know the school's rule on hair styles"

School & Misc fees

If you are unsure what to prepare for your child's first day in school, fret not, the school will let you know the exact books to bring.  Usually the Primary One students will be dismissed slightly early then usual on the first 3 days.

While the parents are in the school hall listening to all the above, what are our kids doing?  Well according to DinoBoy, they were brought to their classroom, sat down; he of course sit with Charlotte, where they were given a work sheet to do.  The teachers then show them around the school where they played a simple game of throwing hoops at the game room and something else.  Its kinda of hard to get details from some 6 years olds; like MINE, even after several attempts he still gives me the same answer.  I think he is just giving me some info to get me off his back hahaha!  Anyway, I guess its basically bringing the kids around the school and letting them know where each facilities etc are.  

So after an hour and half, the briefing ends and the parents went to the respective classrooms to fetch our kids.  We made a dash to the school's canteen to queue up for buying school books.  Half an hour later, $200+ poorer, DinoPapa have to carry a big heavy box of books and walk from the school back to our home.

The LONG book list!

Books for Primary One!

This marks the end of the school preparation, next up will be the Student Care Orientation camp in December 2012.

~ ~ ~

For the next few weeks I will be sharing our experience on our preparation for DinoBoy's Primary One.  I hope it will serve as a useful guide to parents when its their time to get their child ready for the new journey and have an idea how Parent Volunteer works.

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