Friday, January 25, 2013

Foodie Fridays - Chinese New Year Reunion Dinner 2012

Chinese New Year is just round the corner, how is your preparation going on?  Have you bought new clothes and shoes for yourself and the family?  Have you started to decorate your house with those bright red new year ornaments?

One of the highlights of the Chinese New Year should be the reunion dinner.  Have you plan what you are going to cook for your reunion dinner?  Or perhaps its a "whole village" affair so you will be settling it in one of your favourite restaurant?

This year the in-laws will be coming over as usual for a quick dinner before we have to head off to my mum's for dinner with the siblings.  Thus we will be cooking something simple but have not decide on the dishes yet.

We started to opt out of steamboat last year and for the first time in many years DinoPapa cooked up a storm on the new year's eve to put on the table every one's favourite dish.  

~Here are the dishes~

Dish #1
Peng cai or poon choi - There are roast pork, roast duck, pig's leg tendons, sea cucumber, Fa-choi, scallop, abalone clams, fish maw, white cabbage, prawns etc etc.  Wow! Its really lip smacking delicious! 

Dish #2
Abalone with Spinch - MIL's favourite~ The abalone covers up the spinch, YUM!

Dish #3
Steamed Sea Bass - FIL's favourite~

Dish #4
Pig's trotter wth sea cucumber - DinoPapa & my favourite~

PS : Pardon the photos which was taken before I was given photography advise by DinoPapa & Adeline.

I would very much LOVE to know (ok ok I'm nosey) what are you having during your reunion dinner.  Of course I will share the DinoFamily's reunion dinner dishes too!  Therefore I will be doing up a linky in February 2013; have not decided on the exact date yet, so if you would like to share with us, remember to take loads of photos of the dinner and link up!

~ ~ ~

This linky is for anything that is FOOD related. It could be a restaurant you visited recently, meals you cook with your family or for your family or recipes you wish to share with every one.

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  1. Your CNY menu looks so yummy and tempting! Your family is blessed with a good cook :)

  2. What a sumptous CNY meal. So nice that your hubby can cook so well :)