Friday, January 25, 2013

Rest & Relax after a long week of school work

Most of the day when he comes home from school, you can see tiredness written all over his face.  After our dinner which usually ends around 8pm we will go through his handbook to check his home work (not alot so far, perhaps only 6 or 7) which he would have finished it while in the student care.  Sometimes there will be letters for me to read, money to be paid and misc.  Then he relax by the tv for about half an hour before heading off to the shower.

Some days after his shower he will laze with DinoPapa, slouching and relaxing, watching tv till bed time.  There were a few occasions he dozed off minutes after he laid his head on DinoPapa's chest.  These are the time we felt our heart wrench for this little fella who have to go through this.  Given a choice we would not want to put him in student care and want him at home straight after school, but regrettably such options are not available to us.

On Fridays, after coming home from dinner at Granny's, we allow him to stay up later then usual.  We let him do what ever things that he want, there are almost no rules for the night, we just want him to relax.

What more could a boy wish for when he could play a game or two, watch youtube movies on the ipad with his favourite Angry Bird plushie by his side?

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