Thursday, January 31, 2013

Little Boys love shopping too!

We went shopping for Chinese New Year last weekend. I decided to let DinoBoy choose his own clothes since I think that he's a big boy now.  I decided to let him shop at Zara & Esprit as Regina told me that they were having sale, SALE is a very exciting word to hear so we made a beeline for it.

I was little disappointed with Zara as there was only a small section for boys; as compare to a HUGE selection for the girls and babies *hhmmpphhh*  We were going through the tees and chance upon the skull tee which DinoBoy insist that its zombies.  We found nothing that he like and left the shop after paying for the zombies.

We head off to Cotton On Kids to get a pair of socks.  Actually saw a pack of 7 brightly colored stripe socks at some shop (forgot where) but thought I'd give it a miss as I think DinoBoy will not have many chances of wearing socks now that he's in primary school and weekends shoes are either slipper or GAP playground shoes.  He choose this bright blue with black star socks.

We head off to Esprit and saw these 2 cute  monster tee which he immediately says OK!  He was contemplating between a red or blue tee for the monster with the comb and after thinking for a while he decided on the blue tee.  We looked around, I saw a bermudas which I asked if he likes it but he promptly say "Not Nice, don't like this color [beige]".

We only spent SGD33.25 on the above, SALE is really and always music to my ears.

PS :  I did not insist on getting a pair of pants or bermudas as there is a new one pair of beige *ooppss* pants hanging in his wardrobe.  I also decided to get tees only and not polo tee or shirt as he will have fewer chance of wearing them.  And of course no red red Chinese button/collar CNY set of clothes for this boy coz this mummy wants something he can wear at every occasions, plus after the tees grow out of shape or color faded he can still wear them at home, cost saving!

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  1. Eh!! The tees are exactly what I would get as well! ;)

    1. For Z or for C? hahaha~ Its difficult to find prints that I don't roll my eyes at for Z. I grabbed coz they were nice and on discounted price some more!