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Foodie Fridays - The Line @ Shangri-la Hotel Singapore

Recently our company holds our Chinese New Year lunch at The Line in Shangri-la Hotel Singapore, its a little bit early but we have to find a time where every one is in town and not on business trip on some other parts of the world.  Well, we had a great time and every one (all 16 of us) ate till our tummy almost explode!

The food was good but I think we choose the wrong day coz there was a seminar going on and The Line was running FULL HOUSE!  Imagine the crowd, the noise, the dins and the overwhelmed feeling of being squashed (because the bigger built Caucasian from the seminar took up more then half of the restaurant!).  We can see it clearly that our Big Boss is not too happy with it, especially when the waitress who, without informing us and probably thought she did us a favour, decided to move us from the original quiet corner to the centre of the restaurant where all the actions are!

And because of that I took limited out of focus photos of their delectable to-die-for food as its kind of hard to jostle my plate in one hand and my Samsung SIII on the other or to dance around the other patrons with the camera trying not to get in their way lest they give me some rude sound (they say Hungry Man is An Angry Man right?  Better don't mess with that).

I simply love their sashimi which is always fresh n juicy, it helps when the chef only takes out the salmon or tuna from the small chiller and slice the pieces when you order it.  There's something about eating chilled sashimi, the chilling sensation on your teeth when you bite into them, the stinging rush of the wasabi up to your nose and feeling the sashimi flowing smoothly down your throat... HEAVEN~~

Oysters are a little bit disappointment today, its not as fat as juicy but nonetheless are still fresh and sweet.  And I guess there are too many people asking for them, understandable that the chef is tired from shuckling it, he wasn't giving me a smiling face when I went to take 2 oyster from that station *ooppss*

The Raws!

Usually I don't go for roast chicken as I was afraid it may taste dry and tough, however the 2 whole chickens at the counter looks very inviting and I took my chance.  They did not disappoint me, they taste as good as they look, soft, tender and juicy, add a little mustard and its perfect!

Roast Chicken

On the way I took a little bit of the cooked food to go with the roast chicken, have to save the stomach for the rest of the goodies.  Love every thing on my plate!

My plate of pineapple rice, roast chicken, teo chew steam fish, stewed beef and a mysterious cheesy mushroom crepe lookalike thing.

I did not know they have roast food too, saw it while I was walking pass one of the station.  Not sure whether its tasty or not but since there is no queue means its not so great? 

Roast Pork, duck & char siew

Their satays are going off like hot cakes!  My colleagues have to go back a few times before they can lay their hands on a few sticks of satays.  I'm not a satay fans so I leave them for those who adores them.

Satays that got snatched up the seconds they are out!

We are seated near the noodle station, how can I miss out the chance to savour their laksa?  Besides laksa they have mee siam, prawn noodles, fishball noodles and wanton noodles.  The chef is very obliging, one of my colleague wanted fishballs with soup only and he promptly asked how many she want.  Seeing that the chef is ok with her "special" request, she further asked if she can have some mushrooms and 2 prawns in the soup, which the chef obliged with a smile on his face.

Check out the huge elaborate veggie display at the station!

Noodle Station

Laksa~~~ Thick creamy gravy with a hint of coconut, the way I like it but rarely able to taste it in the local food courts or coffee shops.  There are tau pok, bean sprouts, fishcakes and quail egg in it.  Its sinful but who cares!

Delicious laksa

Me enjoying my laksa~

Last but no least, the all time every one's favourite - DESSERTS~~~~

Due to the crowd, I was only able to take 3 pathetic photos of the desserts, truly UNJUST to them and I'm not feeling happy about it too.  Besides the fondue, fresh fruits and the cakes section, there is also the nonya kueys, ice cream & crepes section.  Most of the plates on the nonya section are either empty or almost empty so I did not take a photo of it, must be delicious and got snatched up fast & furious.  Long queue at the ice cream and crepe section too!

Fondue anyone?

Colorful cakes

To die for desserts

Again, not a true blue dessert person but they are too pretty to skip!  The strawberries in the strawberry short cake is big and generous, I like it a lot.  And what not to love the tiramisu and anything chocolate?  Mmmmmm~~ with capital M!

Strawberry short cake, tiramisu and a devilish looking chocolate cake

That ends my 2 hours lunch which I have no regrets even if I put on a few kilos.  Truth to be told, I was still feeling full at dinner time 4 hours later, so perhaps you would want to go easy with the food if you decide to go there for dinner.

*** *** ***

Lower Lobby, Tower Wing

Operating Hours
Opens daily from 5am to 1am

- Continental Buffet
5am – 10.30am (Daily)
- Full Buffet
6am – 10.30am (Monday to Friday)
6am - 11am (Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays)
- À la carte
5am – 11am (Daily)

12noon - 2.30pm (Monday to Friday)
12noon - 3pm (Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays)

6pm - 10.30pm

À la carte
11am - 1am

Dress Code

Smoking Policy
Smoking is not permitted at The Line.

Remarks : I am in no way affiliated to the management of The Line restaurant or have been compensated to write about this. All opinions are 100% based on our experience during our visit. 

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  1. ahhhhhh! Dessert!!! When are WE going for our dessert Mrs Loh? :p

  2. Lovely food you had at the line. It has been ages since we last went there. Yeah..when is the next Tea/dessert meet up?

  3. Wow, everything looks great. I've heard of the place but haven't been there myself. Should go check it out soon. Oops, need to check my budget first. ;P

    1. June, find a day and go there with your family or girlfriends or couple date with your hubs, its worth the money spent =)

  4. Oooohhhh... I remember this place! The selection was awesome. I still recall the tepanyaki ice cream which I found to be really unique. Drooling now just looking at your photos... yum!

    1. Tepanyaki ice cream? I must check it out the next time I go there.