Monday, February 4, 2013

CNY Craft - Red Packet Fish

Its the Chinese New Year again!  Time to make my favourite red packet fish!  I googled for this couple of years ago but forgotten what is the site's name.  Its a very easy red packet craft which I'm sure all of you will love doing it.

Lay your hands on some red packets (I'm sure you have plenty hiding in your drawers), you can use both the regulars and the longer type red packets.

Fold in 1 corner of the red packet towards the opposite corner, cut away the access.

You will end up with a triangle shaped red packet.  Fold the 2 corners towards the centre corner.

Flip the red packet down and fold up the 2 corners.

Fold down the 2 corners at an angle to make the "eye" of the fish.

Now to make the "mouth" of the fish, lift up the flip lower front and fold 3 times in an "up-down-up" sequence.

Flip the red packet to the back and fold up the lower portion and press hard.  As seen in the photograph below, you have a nice triangle shaped red packet, unfold it so that there is a crease line at the folded section.

Put a finger underneath the fish "head" and flatten it to become the shape in the photograph below.  For the fish "tail", cut out the lines as indicated by the purple lines.

This is how the fish "tail" will look like after you have made the cut.

Fold up and push in the tail slightly.

Press down hard to secure the fold.

Open up the fish and you have a cute little red packet fish!

You can put a red thread on your fish and decorate your pussy willows or any pots of flowers.  I like to make a long string of 3-4 fishes, one above another, and hang them at my window grill.  The little red packet fish adds some colors and bling bling to my window view.

Incidentally, I also made and posted the instruction for another red packet gold fish, check it out too.  Hope you have fun in making these red packet fishes~


  1. Ohhh, nice! Thanks for the very clear tutorial! Will try making some soon! :)

    1. Take a photo of your finished products and show us how u use it to decorate your house pls~

  2. Nice! Will try making some too during new year... heheh... recycle the angpow packets

    1. Best way to put left over ang pow in good use hee~

  3. Replies
    1. Yupe, u see the beigey beigey table? That's my office table lor =)

  4. ❤ I think I just saw the exact finished product by you this morning. Good job!