Friday, January 11, 2013

My 72 hours of being a SAHM

We, me included, always wonder what SAHM (Stay At Home Mum) does every day when the husband is at work and the kids are in school.  We sometimes will hear the FTWM (Full Time Working Mum) comments that SAHM have time on their hand to do every thing they want for themselves or for the family, bond with their kids better, keep the house spic n span etc etc, all the goodie goodie things that us FTWM does not have the privilege to enjoy and will probably not get to enjoy unless we turn into SAHM or sacrifice our precious annual leave.

Well, I had a taste of the SAHM lifestyle recently and I must admit that SAHM's life is not easy peasy or breezy or days of shaking leg or filled with tai-tai high tea; ok you probably can have that if you have a helper, shopping in the malls and the list goes on....

I took leave on the first 3 days of the new year as DinoBoy started his Primary One in the school nearby.  My day started at 5.30am and I hit the sack at around 11pm+, most of the time feeling drained and dead tired.  I was basically only doing the following;

- Getting DinoBoy ready for school
- Sending & fetching DinoBoy from school
- Doing 2 loads of laundry
- Groceries shopping
- Dinner preparation
- Getting DinoBoy ready for bed
- Pack DinoBoy's school bag
- A little bit of facebooking in between

Dinner preparation starts around 1pm or 1.30pm with the soup that usually requires at least 2 hours of boiling (I did not use my shuttlechef), full force preparation & cooking starts around 4.30pm or 5pm but have to stop while I walk to the school to fetch DinoBoy at around 6pm.  Dinner is usually ready around 7.30pm or later.  I always try to cook healthy tasty food so I took great pains to plan the meals but the dishes are usually not too difficult to prepare nor requires long cooking time, here is the menu for 6 adults & 3 kids on those 3 days;

02 January 2013
Winter melon + chicken soup
Stir fried kang kong in oyster sauce
Steam cod fish
Coca cola chicken mid wings
Prawns with sea cucumber in thick sauce

03 January 2013
六味汤 or six taste soup
Broccoli with prawns
Sweet & Sour pork

04 January 2013
Bitter gourd + pork ribs soup
Stir fried black sauce prawns
Steamed eggs & century eggs
Sliced fish in thickened sauce

Anyway, I "slogged" in the kitchen to put the dinner on the table and I was very happy every one like the food.  I  was smiling from ear to ear when Han tell me "Yee Yee, I love the food you cooked." and give me her widest grin.

BTW did I mention that I only did very minimal things during these 3 days?  I did not even have an opportunity to clean or pack the house!  After dinner I have to tell DinoPapa to please wash the dishes and to pack the unfinished food (which is usually only small portion and he ate it later that night as supper) into the fridge while I slouch on the sofa, too tired to move a muscle.  I crawled into bed an hour plus later together with DinoBoy and was in dreamland within minutes.

How did those SAHMs managed to do EVERY THING and still find time to do a little bit of shopping or have coffee sessions with friends or their Me-Time?  After these 3 days I have new form of respect for the SAHM, especially those who do not have a helper at home and still managed to keep the house clean & tidy plus putting decent healthy food 3 meals a day for their family.

Now that I have a taste of the "forbidden" lifestyle, do I still want to cross over the fence to join the SAHMs if there is a chance?  I most definitely will!


  1. Good luck in your attempt to becoming a SAHM/WAHM.. it will be easier to jio you out for lunch/tea then :)

    1. Dominique, I'll probably will be able to a quick lunch or tea before dashing off to do some stuffs =)

  2. it certainly is not a breeze to be a SAHM and not cut out for everyone. Am glad you got a taste of it and enjoyed it while it lasted! Someday Jen! Someday!

    1. Ya lor, but please bear with me still when I TSK u for not able to join our SP gatherings hahaha~

  3. Don't think I'll ever be one. Tried it and hated it since I can't cook or do housework. I prefer the financial independence! Haha

    1. Me too, that's why I cant jump over to the other side till perhaps I strike lottery and won millions heheh~

  4. Hehe I got shoved into being based at home and had to quit my job in a heartbeat! I miss the financial freedomso much but watching the girls grow everyday is so wonderful. It's a common belief that "stay" at home mums STAY at home all day haha.

    1. I envy and admire you, really! You just went ahead and do it. And I love the way you interact with your girls, so patient, so nice, so quiet... I cant lol I'll probably have heart attack or high blood pressure several times a day.

      STAY at home how to get things done? Though can order groceries etc fm online but its much x then going down to the supermarket to grab stuffs. Plus how can give up a chance to have a fun time at supermarkets? kekek~

  5. Wah! You prepare very sumptous spreads leh! If I can churn out 2 dishes would be striking lottery liao. Your family is blessed to have you spending your leave taking such good care of them!

    1. I spoil my family kekeke~ minimum must be 3 dish + a soup, but on 03 Jan'13 something cropped up and I was late in preparing dinner so only 2 dish + soup. I dunno, perhaps its me, I cannot stand having 2 dish + soup, like so little food will every one have their fill or not :D

  6. Wow! I think the standard you set for meals is very high. It must have been quite a nice treat for the kids to have you at home with them and preparing home cooked food for them.

    1. I think my mum plays a part in influencing me to cook good food since she has been putting many delectable dishes on the table since we were young.