Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Starting Primary One #9 - First day at Student Care

School dismissal was at 1.15pm, 15mins earlier then usual for the Primary One students.  I was waiting outside student care with Catherine to make sure that our kids arrive at the centre safely.  As the students were being release class by class and to the different gates we wait patiently.  Those going to the student care are being assembled in the school hall before coming down to the centre.  While waiting, our friend rushed up to me and say DinoBoy is at the gate waiting for me!  I ran to the front gate and true enough there he is, looking at the parents outside the gate, trying to locate me.  I quickly go up to him and explained to the teacher that he should go to student care instead, she leads him up to the assembly hall (of course I follow them, just to be sure) to join the other students.  

Apparently he is not the only "missing child".... the teacher said that a sticker was given to the student to indicate that they are suppose to go to the assembly hall.  Not sure about the other "missing children" but there were NO sticker on DinoBoy's shirt, chances are it has dropped off and the teacher sends him to the dismissal gate instead.  So, be a little bit KS as in kiasi especially in cases like this, I was sure the school had every thing under control but I guess "accident" do happen.  

Finally the students came down from the hall and were told to "look for your name on the shoe rack and put your shoes on that slot".  So DinoBoy searched for his name, finally found them and put his shoes & socks on the rack.   

We kissed goodbye, or rather I tried to kiss him but he "eeeee MUMMY!" me again!  So I gave him a big hug and see him walk into the centre before leaving the school.

Earlier while I was waiting for DinoBoy I took the chance to have a casual chat with his teacher, actually it was to prep the teacher of DinoBoy's character and behavior which I would think will either shock or puzzle the teachers.

I also took the opportunity to get to know better the daily routine.  When the students arrives at the centre, they will proceed to change into the centre tee-shirt and then get ready to have their lunch in the canteen, they will be given coupons to exchange for food from the stall holders.  To help the Primary One students to ease into the new routine, they will have about an hour's nap time after lunch but this is only for term one, after that no more naps will be given.  This explains the sleeping bags the centre asked us to bring along on the orientation day.

There will be about 1.5hours of home work time after lunch, the centre has a Home Work Summary woksheet where the students are suppose to write their home work for the day/week.  At the end of home work hours the students will have to hand in their home work together with the work sheet to the teacher who will check that all home work are done.  They will however NOT coach the student unless they see that the student makes repetitive or many mistakes in the home work.  Thus, I still need to check DinoBoy's home work just to make sure that he has done them correctly.

Its free & easy time after home work's done.  Not sure whether there will be out door play for the students or not.  Will have to ask DinoBoy a few weeks into the school days.

In the evening, when I was at the centre to fetch DinoBoy, there was a centre teacher at the door to ask for the child's name before going to the class to fetch the child.  No parents are allowed into the centre unless you need to inquire about something or speak to the teacher etc.  Good control for security reasons.

Please check with your student care on the time you can fetch your child.  For ours, from 5.30pm to 6.30pm we have to go to the centre and from 6.30pm to 7pm the students will gather at the school's front gate with a teacher.

BTW, for parents who will be sending your child to student care, please remember to write your child's name on his/her shoes.  That day Student A went home with Student B's shoes, it was only discovered when Student B could not find his shoes.  He tried putting on Student A's shoes but it was a size too small.  He managed to squeeze in and walked home with his dad in an awkward manner.  Don't get caught in such situation!

Luckily I wrote DinoBoy's name on his school on the orientation day, now I'm contemplating whether to sew his name on his socks!  Will I be crazy if I do that???

~ ~ ~

For the next few weeks I will be sharing our experience on our preparation for DinoBoy's Primary One.  I hope it will serve as a useful guide to parents when its their time to get their child ready for the new journey and have an idea how Parent Volunteer works.

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  1. I would... I even label my pens to make sure it doesn't get lost haha

    1. hahaha~~ I almost wanted to label his pencils but I thought what happen when he needs to sharpen them? Will the label get stuck onto the sharpener?

  2. I label every single thing that Dumpling brings to school - her cardigan has been ironed on too and story books have labels. :p me = super Kia Si!

    1. Its norm lah. But to label socks is a bit too much, don't u think? I am still hesitating whether to go ahead or not :D