Tuesday, February 26, 2013

I'm an Old Drained Battery

Its almost 2 months since DinoBoy started Primary school and with this comes  the new routine, new environment, new things to learn every day for both of us.  And how do I feel with all these new things thrown at us?  One word - DRAINED

I have the habit of waking up at 5.30am every day to do my laundry, drink my cup of coffee in peace & quiet while surfing the net for about an hour before the mad rush starts.  Now, my rush hour starts about 6am, no more leisurely sipping my pipping hot coffee while surfing the net or watching early tv.

Initially I wake DinoBoy up at 6am to get ready for school but I realized that its too early for him.  According to the student care teachers, he is usually so tired that he will take longer nap then other students and its difficult to wake him up.  At night he dozed off on the sofa shortly after his shower at 8.30pm, we were unable to do any bonding activities together.  I decided to shift to 6.30am but that will mean I have to rush him through his breakfast, change into school uniform and be out latest by 7.20am.  Thank goodness his school starts at 8am otherwise we have to start our day even earlier.

Due to this new routine, I started work half an hour earlier but ends work at the same time, in another words its longer working hours unknowingly.  Some friends suggested that I check with The Office if I can end work early, I've given it some thoughts but still have not find the opportunity or appropriate time to speak to The Office.  Its another mad rush for me after work to either pick up DinoBoy from student care or buy dinner back for both of them.

At the end of the day I'm like a drained battery, no doubt recharged every night but drained within hours the next day.  Does not help that I'm getting busier in The Office, so basically by noon I wish I was at home sleeping.

I have not even get into the school work which can be taxing for me not because of DinoBoy's academic performance but the endless school things I have to remember.  I shall not write in details here, too tiring just by thinking about it.

I am glad that DinoPapa helped me out these couple of weeks by fetching DinoBoy from school, making him take his shower the minute he is home and taking over the task of going through the spelling with him.  It does not seems much but in reality it helped me a lot.  At least I do not need to rush off work or rush DinoBoy through his dinner so that there are time for other stuffs before heading off to bed at 9.30pm.

Even with DinoPapa's help I still feel tired in the middle of the day, still feel like going off to bed the minute I am home, still does not have energy to do any thing (even blogging!).  This primary school routine is really taking a toll on me, I hope I can get used to it soon.  Or perhaps any of you have any fail proof suggestions or ways to perk up my energy (besides taking coffee) every day?

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  1. Chin up, Jen. It will get better when everyone is more familiar with the routine. I can feel your tiredness!!! Sayang, sayang

  2. Oh dear, sure sounds like you have been drained... How about taking time to speak to your boss if you could leave earlier since you're in the office earlier too? That may help some bit?

    1. Contemplating that too but procrastinating, let's hope things will be better soon and I can hop hop around with happiness soon.

  3. This is the life of primary school mummies. It gets worse when the kids go higher up the level. Slog for a few more years, save up and see if you can convert to part time in a few years. Kids grow up so fast, you know. Maybe with this target, it will tide you through your hectic days now. Take care!

  4. Dinomama,

    I can feel you, same goes to me. I got to wake up at 6am, we don't eat breakfast that early so can save the time to sleep more. I got very exhausted the minute i reach home. Can fall asleep while giving spelling. Agreed with you no time for bonding, i got to chase C to sleep by 9pm lastest by 9.30pm and when days with spelling she got to stay up till 10pm.

    Hope our days will get better...