Friday, March 1, 2013

WIN Adeline's Loft jewelry this International Women's Day 2013!

I can see all you women nodding your head (maybe the men will shake their head and say silently "Not another one!" hahaha!) while you read the above.

As far back as we know women has always been looked down upon, hold low status in the society and regards to worth lesser then men.  Even in this era the status of women in some region has not improved a lot.  I am lucky to be born in a country where the women holds equal status and rights as the men, given my character I'd probably live a miserable and angry life.

So, what does being a Woman mean to me, more specifically a 20th Century Woman?  Well, I enjoy the freedom of doing what ever I please or going to places that I desire, receive the education that I need to survive the working society, to love & hate as my emotions deem right, to be independent physically, mentally and financially.  I am able to bitch about voice out and discuss my displeasure about social issues with people listening to me instead of being ridiculed at and brush me off. And with all these mixed together, you will get a woman as mentioned in the quote above.

Having said that, it IS still a fact that women do not measure up with men in the corporate world.  This is because a woman's other roles is to be a Wife and Mother, so regardless of how hard they fight to climb that corporate ladder, they will probably lose their will to fight future battles when their status changed to either of that.  For those that persist, it is usually a lonely battle where only fellow career mum will understand and sympathise. 

At the end of the day, we strive to do a good job in every area, we try to put in our best effort for every tasks thrown at us but deep deep down inside we just want to have some fun in doing every thing.  

Sharing my favourite song since I heard it more then a decade ago; Shania Twaine's Man! I feel like a Woman.  I love the lyrics and especially this line;

The best thing about being a woman
Is the prerogative to have a little fun

We women, have come a long way and without the yearning of a group of women many decades ago who decided to put their feet down to make a change in the conditions of their life and demand recognition of the hard work they do, we will still be holding the low status in the society.  To mark this day, International Women's Day or IWD was created and since then it has been celebrated on 08 March in many region.  It is the celebration of respect, appreciation and love towards women together with their economic, political and social achievements.  Click here to read more about the history of IWD.

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And what better way to celebrate IWD with a giveaway?

How would you like to own a unique piece of handmade jewelry by ADELINE'S LOFT?  Founder and owner - Adeline Oon, has been creating chic lifestyle jewelries for the everyday woman for the past 7 years. Having been nominated and awarded in 2011 as one of Cozycot's Inspirational Woman during International Women's Day, she continues to inspire and be inspired by many women she has met during the course of her creative journey.

In honor of International Women's Day 2013, Adeline will be sponsoring a piece of unique *customized handmade necklace worth at least SGD40.00 to the lady who can share and inspire us on what femininity means to you

Leave your comment below in no less than 20 words, together with your name and email address. This giveaway is open to Singapore only and the last day of submission is 07 March 2013 at 2359hrs.

Adeline & I will look at your comments and pick the entry with the best comment.  The winner will be announced here on 08 March 2013, Dinomama's FB page and Adeline's Loft FB page.

* The customized handmade necklace will be made according to the winner's preference on either one of these categories : casual or office wear.

Here are some of Adeline's unique & beautiful creations.

Disclaimer : I received store vouchers from Adeline's Loft as compensation for this post.  I am in no way affiliated with the blog store.  Adeline's Loft will contact the winner directly and will be responsible for communicating her terms and conditions on the provision of this giveaway.

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The best version of what femininity means that touched our hearts

"Femininity is the ability to think like a man and execute it like a woman. The final sweet touches, words and emotions only a woman can pull off." - Florinda

We will be getting in touch with you soon Florinda~


  1. Femininity is wearing gorgeous jewellery from Adeline's Loft. hahaha! Okay, just kidding!

    Here's my slightly more serious take:

    Femininity is a happy woman exuberating with confidence, at the same time modest and kind.

    Name: Cindy Chia
    Blog: Http://

  2. Femininity is the ability to think like a man and execute it like a woman. The final sweet touches, words and emotions only a woman can pull off.

    Name : Florinda Tay

  3. When you dress to impress, you're aggressive yet vulnerable, and you follow where your heart takes you. That's femininity.

    Name: Mabel Lee

  4. Feminity is looking your best and feeling confident about yourself. It is not just girl-power but GRRR-power!

    Name: Sandra Tan (

  5. Feminity is be yourself with confidence yet humble to learn new things.

    Name: Jane Goh

  6. Feminity is not just about wearing the dress or the heels, it is about a woman who can plays her role of a daughter, a wife then a mom who mostly probably utilise her youth for the sake of the above three.


  7. Femininity means someone who is charming but to me someone who is able to show her true heart & true self is already showing her femininity.

    Name: Catherine Wong

  8. Femininity means having the confidence to be 'strong' enough to shoulder storms yet 'soft' enough to offer love and comfort.

  9. Feminity means being able to hold your own in this male-dominated society and able to sacrifice yourself for your family without any regrets or grudges.

  10. Femininity is not only elegant from appearance, but living with confident, productive and healthy life that inspire people around her.
    Name: Yvonne Chang