Friday, March 1, 2013

Foodie Friday - A simple meal for the Birthday Girl

We went over to Bro's house during the CNY, I decided to get a small cake for sis as an early birthday celebration for her.  Bro prepared some home cooked food, sushi & durian puffs for us to enjoy.  We watched Ah Boys to Men while munching on the food while the kids get busy with their ipads & iphone.

Posing with the Birthday Girl

The younger ones are happy to help blow out the candles

Few days later on her actual birthday, we asked Sis & kids over for a simple dinner. DinoPapa wanted to cook up a storm but it was still the CNY and there were no fresh food in the supermarket.  Lucky for us we have some prawns in the fridge, he bought some green vegetables and cooked a real simple meal for us.

Oven grilled butter -huge- prawns

CP chicken nuggets

My MIL made this, not sure the exact name

Sliced fish with spinach

Simple dishes, not so healthy though, I know that the kids enjoyed the fried stuffs and every one enjoys the food cooked with LOVE.

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This linky is for anything that is FOOD related. It could be a restaurant you visited recently, meals you cook with your family or for your family or recipes you wish to share with every one.

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  1. I see the HUGE prawns, I very happy

    1. There is something between you and BIG HUGE prawns ya? ^^,