Monday, March 4, 2013

Celebrating Month of Dr Seuss

Dr Seuss birthday is 02 March~ We love Dr Seuss and we thought or rather I thought, what better way to celebrate a month of Dr Seuss by reading his books.  This will be the 1st time we are doing this and I was hoping to do something more then just reading the books, have not thought of what or how I am going to do yet though.

We weren't able to read his books on the first day as I was caught up with some work, but we managed to read Spooky Riddles and Miles & Miles of Reptiles (took him quite a while to decide which books) on Saturday.

We are reading Spooky Riddles for the first time, we had loads of giggles while reading though he don't exactly understands a couple of the riddles but managed to get it after I explained to him.  He finds the illustrations funny & hilarious especially when he see the witches with their pointy heads.

We enjoy Miles & Miles of Reptiles, with the catchy rhymes we learnt things about the lizards, geckos, turtles, crocodiles and snakes.  Here is DinoBoy looking into the mirror to see if he is able to make his eyes look at opposite direction like the chameleon.  We talked about the terrapins he saw recently in a pet shop, how it looked like, do they have legs like tortoise or flippers like turtles etc.  I told him that we could go up the net to search how many different types of reptiles we can find and what other information we can gather.

The next day morning, I happen to switched to National Geographic channel and they were showing Secrets of King Cobra, how apt to use this as a reinforcement of the snakes info we read about the night before?  I have to pry him away from the iphone & we sat through the hour watching the documentary.  

Watching the birth of baby king cobras.  Do you know that they are born with venom as deadly as an adult king cobra?

After the show I asked DinoBoy to do a recap about King Cobra, here is what he wrote;

Interesting to note that he is able to grasp so many information when he was not paying 100% attention to it (he got distracted & itching to lay his hands on the iphone again). We did not do anything further after this coz I feel that the hour long documentary was enough for the day.

Are you also celebrating Dr Seuss month? How are you celebrating it?


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