Sunday, March 31, 2013

At the break of dawn

Weekends are mostly leisure, relaxing, slow paced, enjoying each other's company - so NOT true!  Unless you do not have a certain little boy who demands for your attention/help every other minute, baskets full of laundry, enrichment classes to attend and the list goes on.  So before everyone wakes up, before the hassle begins, I am awake at the break of dawn doing my things and having some quiet time.

1. After washing up I'll put the 1st load of laundry to wash.  It's my habit, I will wash our clothes separately from DinoBoy's, wash bed sheets/pillow & bolster cases on another load. Also separates work clothes from house clothes.  You can imagine how I drive my washing machine to the max on these days.

2. After putting the kettle to boil, I heads off to our little balcony and water our pots of plants.  I am still trying not to kill any more plants, so far I'm doing ok since my pot of something (forgot the name) is thriving and my pot of "believe to be dead" mint have been revived and thriving well.  Still hope to grow a garden at this small corner though.

3. I starts to tidy up the house, put stuffs that we casually threw all over the place during the week to their rightful places. 

4. When the water's boiled I make my cup of 3-in-1 coffee, my 1st cuppa for the day.  Sometimes I will make myself a Nespresso cuppa when I feel like tasting the unique coffee and taking in the brain waking aroma.

5. Finally I sit down in front of my laptop, surfing and enjoying my coffee.

That is how I spend my weekend mornings.

*ding dong ding dong ding dong* - the familiar sound of the washing machine.

Whoops! Gotta go! My 1st load of washing is done! Hope you have a great weekend!

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  1. Jen, do you manage to get so much done before the boys at home awake? Wow! My kids wake me! They wake too early :( kids should be programmed to wake at 10!

    1. Adora, my alarm is set to goes off at 5.30am and I'm usually out of the bed by 6am. I usually gets my 1st load of clothes done n out waiting for Mr Sun to kiss them before 7am. And DinoBoy wakes up at 8am or later if we goes out the day before OR I purposely let him stay up later so that I can have more peace and quiet time the next morning.

  2. Replies
    1. Yupe, especially when Mr Sun corporates with me hehehe~