Monday, April 1, 2013

To catch The Croods - March Holiday Fun (Part 2)

We first caught The Croods trailer in December 2012 when we went to watch Wreck-It Ralph, I made a promise to DinoBoy that we will make this his 3rd movie and we did!  What's more, we watched it together with family & friends too~

Carole was kind to offer us a ride and we sat in her van rocking our way to fetch Sis & kids before heading off to Downtown East. 

While waiting for the movie to start we entertained ourselves by taking photos and making ourselves very comfortable -by being too loud and too noisy- in the theater.

The excited look when we were finally at the theatre.

The disappointed look.

The Mum, the girl, the boy.  

The Mums, the girl and the tub of sinful Caramel Popcorn!

DinoMama & DinoBoy

And then the movie started...  During the hour and half there were so much laughter, squeals and giggles that our stomach hurts.  I believe the mummies laughed louder and harder then the kids.

Did you catch this movie and enjoy it as much as we did?


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