Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Be Gone Now, Dark days & Fog!

We have this pot of mint that we bought sometime in June/July 2012, it was thriving... for a couple of months then it started to dry up due to the extreme hot weather. Apparently watering it twice a day is not enough, soon it dried up and all that is left in the pot are dried leaves and stems.

I am not sure whether it was due to habit or I feel sorry for the dried plant, while I water my other pots of plants I did the same for it too.

A few weeks ago, I noticed a speck of green among the brown patch.  I was surprised!  I thought my eyes are playing tricks on me.  Few days later the speck of green grew bigger and more specks of green starts sprouting out.  

Photo taken with my Canon IXUS with macro setting on

Watching this little fighter growing slowly and steadily in that pot of "death", I felt over whelmed by its spirit. Suddenly, I feel like Life is trying to send me a message - The dark days will be over soon, the fog will soon disperse and I will be welcoming each day with open arms, feeling the warmth of the sun rays on my face.

I will conquer the obstacles that are in my ways, in the mean time I will grit my teeth and fight the demons with my bare hands. 

~ ~ ~

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  1. Such a motivational post. Hang in there dinomama!!

    1. Thanks! Trying to hang onto whats left of my sanity kekekek~ Where is my light? Come quickly pls~