Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Disney XD - New Channel on the Block

We were informed of the launch of Disney XD and we decided to check it out since DinoBoy loves most of the characters and he will also have a chance to get up close with Iron Man!

The event was held at Compass Point and took up the most part of Level 1, Atrium.  There is a stage in the centre and at each sides there are games that the kids can participate and enjoy.  They also received some small tokens as a reward for trying their best in some of the games.

It was a fun filled event where every one had fun, the Secret Agent aka MC did a great job in engaging the kids with quiz, games and some superheroes exercise.

DinoBoy was really excited when the Secret Agent chose him to get up onto stage to answer a quiz question.  He gave the correct answer and he gets a small prize~ 

Of all the games, DinoBoy, and I bet all kids too, loves this!  He can jump to his heart's content without being told to "get off the bed NOW!"

The highlight of the event is of course the Meet & Greet with Iron Man.  The kids went crazy when he made his appearance on stage, this Mama joined the kids too and went ooo~ and ahhh~~ then fight with the other parents so that she can take a good close up photo of Iron Man (shameless I know, but what the heck, I'm a superheroes fan too!)

Finally its DinoBoy's turn, looking so serious with Iron Man here.

There is also Marvel booth at one corner of the event area, you can buy or subscribe (at a special rate) to Marvel comics.  DinoBoy was mesmerized by the display of Iron Man merchandise, look at him staring longingly at them, bet with you that he must be wishing he could have them ALL!

Bigger then human size wall poster of his favourite Superheroes!  How lucky can a 7 year old feel~

As you can see, he was happy to see THREE Iron Man!

I was really impressed with the staffs at the shooting station.  As you can see from the photos, the kids were queuing without the company of their parents, there were no squabbles or fight or queue cutting as the Big Brothers & Sisters ensure that they kids move forward in an orderly manner.  They even helped the younger ones, aiming to hit the "villains" in a serious manner, trying to help them hit 4 of them to win a prize.  None of them are doing a hasty job or simply going through motion, they really take their job seriously.  Well done!

*** *** A little bit about Disney XD *** ***

Disney XD is now available on StarHub Channel 310 (Disney XD HD on 360). Targeting kids aged 6-14 years, Disney XD will be a boy-focused, girl-inclusive channel offering for the Singapore market.

The channel will be available on the StarHub TV Kids Basic Group (Channel 310), the first High-Definition Kids chanhhhnel offering on StarHub TV (Disney XD HD - Channel 360) and on Starhub’s Internet TV service TV Anywhere. The channel will be aired in English and Mandarin.

Disney XD will be the TV home of new Marvel series featuring superheroes such as Spider-Man, Iron Man, Hulk, Thor and introduce dynamic stories full of action, adventure and heroism to a whole new generation. The channel will also feature original Disney XD series including the martial arts comedy Kickin' It, turbo-charged animated series Motorcity and the fun animated series Kick Buttowski - Suburban Daredevil and the hugely popular 2D animated comedy Phineas & Ferb.


  1. Nice meeting you and DinoBoy at the event, DinoMama!