Thursday, March 28, 2013

RWS S.E.A Aquarium - March Holiday Fun! (Part 1)

We went to S.E.A Aquarium, the World's largest aquarium as the banner says, at Resort World Sentosa during the March school term break and had a blast of time!  All thanks to Sis who has some free tickets and we only have to purchase 1 ticket to enjoy some family time together.

We got a bit lost as there were a lot of people and we sort of missed the signage that points us to the aquarium, after looking around we managed to find our way.  Anyway, just in case here is a simple direction.  You have to enter from the The Maritime Experiential Museum entrance, walk all the way to the end to take an escalator down, make a left turn and you can see the entrance to the S.E.A. Aquarium.

The minute we are in, DinoBoy couldn't contain his excitement and request for my camera then starts snapping away.  Well, all the photos are blur as he is still learning how to use a camera plus the fishes does not stay still to let him take a clear photo.  

Goofing around!  Can you see our Fish Face Pose?

DinoBoy with Cousin Farn

We gawked, we oooo, we ahhhh, we touched -the chocolate chip starfish and we freaked -the hell out of the poor giant octopus (see photo below)- inside the aquarium.  There are really many different marine creatures of all sizes and shapes then we can imagine!  

Who can resist these deadly but beautiful jellyfishes?

Am I cute or what?

We spend about an hour at the Open Sea section resting our tired feet and enjoying the cooling air condition.  I really love this place, the wide vast of ocean blue has a calming effect on me.  There is something mystical and soothing about this gentle giant, every one seems to be holding their breath, eyes fixed on it and watching it fly by in its graceful flight.  Time seems to come to a standstill too till it disappeared into the ocean blue.

When the stingrays are out of sight you can catch the school of fishes swimming around as if they are dancing to a silent rhythm.

For SGD2 you get to crank up a machine and "stamp" a coin as a souvenir.  DinoBoy got a hammer head shark coin while Han got a sea turtle coin.

The tired trio

While we were at the photo booth queuing to look at the photos they took for us when we enter the aquarium, I happened to look up and saw this unique view!  We probably wouldn't think we will have a chance to look at the under belly of the sharks while they swim leisurely in the water.

There are 2 places you can settle your rumbling stomach while walking in the aquarium, you can choose to dine in Ocean Restaurant by Cat Cora or S.E.A.side Snacks.  We initially wanted to dine in Ocean Restaurant by Cat Cora but they were running full house.

We had an enjoyable time albeit the squabbles among the kids but that's normal and expected, otherwise it will be a boring outing.  Also since it was the March school term break the crowd is huge! Luckily Sis collected the tickets a day before otherwise we will be stuck at the queue for at least half an hour to try to get our tickets.  We still have to jostle with the crowd to look at the fishes, DinoBoy was elbowed by an older boy who tried to take a photo of the fishes in the small tank.  

If you are planning to visit the aquarium, may I suggest that you tour the place in an relaxing and slow pace, looking at all the beautiful marine creatures.  After that, grab a bottle of cold drink, a snack or two and sit in front of the Open Sea to enjoy the rare calm and tranquility for a while before going back to the reality rat race world.

*** *** *** 

You can get either the Day Pass or the Multi Park Pass to visit the S.E.A. Aquarium.  You can click here to find out all the info about the aquarium.


  1. The aquarium looks wonderful. I loved your shots of all the different creatures, including your little ones. ;-)