Friday, March 29, 2013

Foodie Fridays - Fish & Crab Shack @RWS

By the time we are done with our tour in S.E.A Aquarium at Resort World Sentosa, we were famish and hungry.  We wanted to dine in the restaurant inside the aquarium but was told it was full (though we took a peek and there were still empty tables with no Reservation sign on top of them), so we headed out and saw Fish & Crab Shack.  It was a pretty crowded place since its at the entrance to the The Maritime Experiential Museum™.  We were lucky to get a table soon as a family just finished their meals when we were there.

While we were browsing the menu DinoBoy suddenly exclaimed excitedly "Mummy Mummy! Look!  My name is in the menu!"  

A menu was given to us after we have settled down but we have to order our food at the counter, pay for it and was handed a pager while our food is being prepared.

Here's what we order; I forgot to take a photo of the Fish & Chips @ SGD10.90 for Han.

Bacon & Prawn Spaghetti @ SGD15.90

Seafood Spaghetti @ 17.90

Mushroom soup @ SGD9

Fried Chicken Wings @ SGD6 for 3 pcs

The food are so-so, not worth the price but we are dining in RWS so over pricing of food are expected.  However the ingredients are fresh, which sort of makes up for it, plus there are 2 big scallops together with 2 good sized prawns and a few sotong rings in the seafood spaghetti.  Surprisingly the mushroom soup tastes good, I was expecting to see the diluted creamy soup with chopped mushrooms.

It will be a perfect leisure late lunch if not for a small incident; we were being paged to the collection counter for our food, while waiting we saw this waiter (a young teenager) grabbed 2 breadsticks and stuck them into our spaghetti, nothing wrong except that he used his bare hands.  I stared in disbelief and exclaimed to him on his action!  He calmly replied "but I have washed my hands."  Hey dude!  I don't care if you wash or scrub your hands with anti septic handwash or something, you DO NOT use your bare hands to handle food!  I demanded him to remove the breadsticks immediately, we definitely can do without those "dirty" food.

I actually have the intention of letting this incident go but seeing kids amongst the crowd, I decided to speak to the Manager.  I mean, if the waiter serving the food is not using gloves, it makes me wonder if their kitchen staffs preparing the food are using or not.  The Manager was surprised when I told him about the incident, he came back later apologising to me about it and told me that action has been taken against that waiter.  The next minute I saw that waiter out at the dining area clearing tables.  Case Closed.  And with that it also mean that this will be my only visit to the restaurant till I know that they are observing the strict food preparation rules.

Remarks : I am in no way affiliated to the management of Fish & Crab Shack or have been compensated to write about this.   All opinions are 100% based on my dinning experience with them.

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