Friday, March 8, 2013

Foodie Fridays - EAT. at 313@Somerset Food Hall

I first tasted EAT. Bak Chor Mee in 2007 at Centrepoint basement, I walked past the stall and it was always full house with long queue, I knew I HAD to try it.  When I finally did, I was not disappointed, the bak chor mee really tastes delicious.  I was very sad when it closed down few months later as it is unusual for me to love a bak chor mee as much since I am not a minced meat person.

Imagine my happiness when I saw that they are opened at 313@Somerset Food Hall!  And yes, the queue is still as long.

Here is what they are offering at the stall.  Too bad they are not selling their usual side dishes of fried tau kua, fried fishcakes, fried fishballs etc.  (photo is not focused as I was sneaking to try to take a photo without others noticing it.)

Their bowl of bak chor mee includes 1 fish ball, 1 fried wanton, sliced braised mushrooms, some sliced pork, some minced meat and of course the noodle.  I thought the portion was smaller then previous time I had it, either that or my appetite has grown to double since the passed years (not surprising!).  Nonetheless, the taste is still as great; the noodles are springy *QQ, doink-doink* add in extra chili for the spiciness and the dash of vinegar, its a perfect combination!

As I mentioned earlier, I am no carnivorous, ok perhaps a picky carnivorous, I rarely eat pork when I am dinning outside.  I seldom touch the meat dishes or minced meat in bak chor mee or in other noodles but for EAT. I finished all!  It does not have the "porky" or "frozen meat" taste when I chewed the meat, the meat are sliced thinly just the way I like it.

I simply adores their fried wanton, crispy skin and the meat inside taste nice too.  The fishball is soft and tender, DinoBoy would love it.

I don't usually do this and do not encourage anyone to do the same but I just want to show how much I enjoy my bowl of bak chor mee and its really a rare thing for me to clean up my bowl.... so~ look at this! 

This bowl of bak chor mee will be heavenly made if not for the missing cut chilli padi.  I told the PRC person doing the cooking, his reply in Chinese "No more then no more, I'm not the one in charge of that."  Hmm... there is only him and the other guy who is busy taking order, so who is "in charge"?  Anyway, since years ago I know their service has not been the best, now that they are using foreign workers, I really cannot expect the service to be any better.  Luckily the taste of their bak chor mee remains the same.  BTW, where is the green veggie that was suppose to be in my bak chor mee?

So if you want to try their bak chor mee at their 313@Somerset branch, prepare your own red cut chilli, ignore their lackluster attitude just queue-place order-pay-wait-grab your noodle-leave and enjoy your bowl of noodles. 

I am sure you people out there patronize EAT. too, do share with me your views on their other noodles such as the Fishball noodle, Satay bee hoon and Laksa or even their service.

Remarks : I am in no way affiliated to the management of EAT. or have been compensated to write about this.  All opinions are 100% based on my dinning experience with them.

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  1. My boys like ba chor mee also.. will have to check out this place when I next go to town.

    1. Eh Dominique, I thought u mentioned that your boys does not like to eat meat? How strange that they would like bak chor mee.

  2. So small portion that my primary one boy can finish a bowl by himself! We get our fix at Lot1. :-) I like their laksa too.

    1. hahaha~ ya! I have to buy some pastry otw back to office coz I know I will feel hungry couple of hours later.

  3. It's too bad that the service wasn't the best. That alwayas ruins a place for me, even if their food is fabulous. :/