Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Mum, if lightning strikes me, its your fault

Yesterday I did something that the Lightning God will not be pleased with and probably would want to strike me down at that moment... 

I hollered at my Mum, letting her know my utmost displeasure about her action and thinking,

I yelled at her to "Go away!  I do not want to talk to you now!" while I took out a bowl to pour out her dinner of noodle soup and shoving it into the microwave oven to heat it up; not before I slammed shut the microwave oven HARD.

The cause of this seemingly unfilial act?  My mum's stubborn act and thinking.

She has not been feeling well since late January 2013. She has been having gastritis, made worse by the feeling of bloatedness in the stomach. This causes her pain, and yet, despite our worries, she treats it as a joke.  When her stomach growls she will ask "You hear that? No? Its so loud, how come you cannot hear?" then she laughs.  Or she will say "My stomach is ok now but when its bad it gets so bloated that its hard as a ball!" then she laughs.

Perhaps she does not want us to worry for her so she try to laugh it off, but tis is NO LAUGHING MATTER!

If I remembered clearly, Mum seems to be having this problem for the past years.  I will always asked if she's been to the doctor and most likely forget about it few days later.  I do not usually remember or be concern whether she has recovered or not, too many things on my hand plus we only see each other once a week.

Well, things are different now that she has moved in to stay with us.  2 weeks has gone by and the stomach trouble is still there!  We; me, DinoPapa & my younger bro (who moves in with us too) keep asking her to see a doctor again.  Her reply is always "No need lah!" or "I'm ok already don't need to see doctor.  It only comes back once in a while and not very painful."  We are not happy but she just won't listen!  While she was saying that she is OK, she is also complaining that she has no energy to do things, always feels so tired.  We guess that its the pulling pain in the stomach that is making her listless.   She told us on Saturday that she will see a doctor before she goes off to her weekend ball games with friends but she did not coz the clinic opens till 12pm only.  She did not go on the following days too.

And then last week, she bought a packet of plain rice to eat with soya sauce!  She claims that none of the dishes in the economical rice stall appeals to her.  I was so angry that I think my blood pressure hit the ceiling!  Yesterday she called me around 6pm telling me not to buy her dinner as she bought a packet of chicken rice, only the rice no chicken, intending to eat with the canned salted veggie in the cupboard.  The veins in my temple starts to throb and I am about to burst out scolding her but I kept my cool, not wanting to create a scene in the cab and risks spilling 3 bowls of hot noodle with soup.

She was not at home when I reached home, I was quiet when she finally came back with her packet of PLAIN CHICKEN RICE, did not even acknowledge her.  I walked to the kitchen to prepare her dinner, she followed me and tell me not to do it, she will eat her PLAIN CHICKEN RICE.  That's when I totally lose it and the hollering starts...

And get this... despite seeing that I am super duper really &%)$%^$Q@#% angry, she try to act cute by making funny faces, smile at me and say "Don't be angry lah.  I eat the noodle but give me a little bit will do ok?" I ignored her and just to show my anger I purposely put the bowl of noodle heavily on table.  This would be the 2nd time Lightning God wants to haul his lightning bolt at me.  Regardless, I got what I wanted, Mum almost finish the 3/4 bowl of noodles I prepared for her.  And to please me (which I do not need her to), she told DinoPapa; loud enough for me to hear no doubt, that the noodle is delicious, the pipping hot soup makes her stomach feel warm and she's feeling better.

I ignored her for the rest of the night, even when she called out to me and wants to speak to me.  Ok 3rd chance for Lightning God to strike me but what the heck...  She complained to DinoPapa that I ignored her but it backfired (haha!), DinoPapa told her in a nice & pleasant tone "Mum, this will not have happened if you have listened to us and go to see doctor for your stomach flu."

My weekend cleaning auntie Mdm Koh shared with me this remedy which has helped her & her family members to rid wind in stomach.  So this morning I pounded a big piece of ginger, add in about 1 tablespoon of brown sugar into the pot of water to boil for half an hour.

Let's hope this really help my dear Mum.  Of course she has to drink it and since I am out working I will not know IF she really drinks it or just pour it away.

I know she does not want us to worry about her, I think she feels that she is troubling us by moving in with us.  I swear that she is thinking too much and

I feel so upset that I have to be so rude and to show such disrespect to my Mum but this is the only way that will make her listen.  I know she only listens to Bro but its ridiculous to run to him for help at every nitty gritty things.  Plus I got slapped by his text "Simple things also cannot do." yesterday, which he is right (anyway I still called him yesterday to let him talk some sense into Mum).  I hope Bro is right that Mum will feel comfortable in my house after a few weeks and peace will finally be restored back into our humble home.

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  1. Breathe, Jen... Breathe.

    Period of adjustment is never easy for anyone, ya? You know where to find us :)

    1. I hope so! I would love her to start her usual daily routine and start cooking! At least when she cooks she has something to do like planning the meals, groceries shopping etc and of course she will start eating regular instead of just bread and coffee.

  2. a big *hug*... it's tough but will it be better if you accompanied her to see doctor? Then she can't 'run' away. Does your mum drinks a lot of coffee or tea? these can cause bloatedness or she is just not well from viral?

    1. Jean, we tried to but she give excuses such as she has ball games/singing sessions with her friends and not sure when it will end etc etc. Told us she will go after that but ended up did not. See! She's busier then us working adults hahaha~ Ya she loves coffee, used to have more cups but recent years 2 or the most 3 cups per day. We gather that her habit of eating the nonsense stuffs instead of proper food are the cause of this ailment. Told her off many times but she just don't listen, and we can't monitor what she eats every hour as we are not at home most of the time.

  3. I can't believe your brother would text you something like that! You are already doing your best and he text you that? Unbelievable!

    As for your mom, the older generation don't really believe in seeing doctors. When Blake was still a baby, and he had some health issues which required a surgery to correct, my grandma told my mom to tell me (don't know why she won't say it to me directly) not to bother going to the doctor for the surgery. She said something along the lines of how it wasn't that serious and she has an old remedy for it (I don't believe piercing the ears will help any health issues). My mom never told me about it until weeks after the surgery was done.

    Perhaps, instead of leaving it to your mother to see the doctor on her own, someone could go with her? And as for the drink, have her drink it during dinner time, when you're around? A bowl a day is better than (a possible) none, right?

    1. Well, we do know how crude some siblings are but I am glad that my brother or any of my other siblings are not like that. We are united and care for our dear Mum and every one in the family.

      I quoted that one sentence from our text conversation as it leaves such a great impact on me. It makes me feel that we are over reliant on him and we can't always use him as a threat to make our mum do the right things. I have to start putting my foot down and manage our mum since she is staying with me now. My brother has done so many things for the family already and its time we share some of the burdens with him.

      As per my reply to Jean above, its difficult to accompany her to see a doctor. And yes old generations has some issues with going to the clinic that's why I am going towards home remedies to help her.

      And yes she did finish the ginger drink because after the phone call that night she knows my brother is angry with her so she has to listen to us, even if its just for a day or 2 just to please him.

  4. Take it easy k. It's tough for both of u.. It isn't easy getting old for her too. Hugz.

    1. Thanks Chris, I think both of our mums can shake hands and be friends hahaha~