Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Celebrating Mother's Day?

Its that time of the year again, where the most of the world celebrates Mother's Day on the 2nd Sunday of May.  A day where every one show appreciations to their mums, a day where some company sharpen their claws, polish their teeth and try to earn some big bucks on this day.

What is the true meaning of this day? 

Wiki says "Mother's Day is a celebration honoring mothers and motherhood, maternal bonds, and the influence of mothers in society."

While we all agree that Mothers are all of the above and more, do we really need a day; a specific or special day to honor them, us, ME?

Why must we show our appreciation, love and admiration to our mother or wife ONLY on this day for being a wonderful Mother, for special Motherhood and for unique Maternal bonds or what not?  We can always do that in any of the 365 days, in ways that are much more meaningful then an expensive meals or a bouquet of over priced flowers. 

In my humble opinion, Mother's Day was "murdered" a decade or so ago by those big hungry wolves and lions who never fails to come out with fancier then last year's deals to get the Men and the filial children to spend a bomb on things that perhaps only cost a fraction of the price on any normal day.  And then some of us thought we were smart by celebrating "a few days early" but got out smarted by them wolves and lions the next year. 

Having said that I admit, I am one of them who got sucked in with this celebrating thing.  I do try to arrange for a family get together with my siblings to have an expensive a meal with our mum.  We love to see our mum surrounded by her 5 grandchildren, you can see the sparkles in her eyes when she see the 5 of them playing together and the great grin on her face when she hears their laughter.  This, to me is priceless.

It has been just another normal day for us in the DinoFamily for the pass few years.  The only gifts that I get on this day are the jewelry or cards made in his child care centre, doesn't matter that they are too kiddish for me to wear but I'll wear it for a day or two.

Yupe, we are not celebrating Mother's Day on 12 May 2013 because we are celebrating it every day!


ON 12 MAY 2013

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  1. You're right about busnesses making a profit on Mother's Day as well as every other celebration. To my mind, a heart-felt card, preferably hand made, would suffice on the special day. And of course, treat your mother with reverance every other day.

    1. That's right Francene! We should not appreciate some one ONLY on one day, we should do it often, every day if possible =)

  2. Good point! Gotta love the handmade treats - I still have some (20+ years later) hanging up. :)

    1. That's treasures to you! I've just started my collections hehehe~

  3. If we can't beat them, join them :p

    1. Hahha~ ya but does not need to be on Mother's day, I would like to receive gifts on any other given day.