Monday, May 6, 2013

Screen Free Week Challenge Day #3 to #7

So the challenge continues...  Read about my first 2 days of the challenge over here.

Day #3
It's May Day, a public holiday~  I planned to go out with DinoBoy but I was too tired!  No more late night movies for me!  This old soul can't take it and really need my 6 hours of beauty sleep.  I felt so lethargic and my mind was not functioning.  Thus I relented... I let DinoBoy entertained himself with ipad n tv.  The only time that he is away from these 2 gadgets are meal times and our trip to the neighbourhood mall to make his new spectacles and supermarket (that's about slightly over an hour).

Today is a failure again.

Day #4

After dinner, he took out his word search book to do. I wasn't feeling well; something I ate yesterday did not agree with my stomach and is giving me gastric. I left him alone with the book before joining him after a while.

Since the word search is too easy for me and I am able to spot the words fast, I decided to make it more challenging.  I took out my kitchen timer and make it a timed games for us.  Of course I win but DinoBoy was not far from me, he is pretty good at this, he was amazed how fast he can finish a set in under 3 minutes.  Perhaps I should get him some word search books when he is done with his current 2 books.

Day #5
This mama was sick, gastric is giving the the runs!  I took medical leave and while DinoFamily is out at work or in school, what did I do instead of resting?

I started packing DinoBoy's small study area in the morning and finished it around noon time.  I stood in front of the table said to myself that I must keep it as neat and tidy, means I CANNOT and WILL NOT dump my or his stuffs on the study table.  AHHH~~~ Sense of accomplishment!

I fetched DinoBoy from school and after that zips off for a quick lunch then off to art school.  Then we went to DinoFirstUncle's house to visit DinoGranny and stayed on for dinner.  I let him bring the ipad over so that he can play with cousin Megan and I can spend some time with DinoGranny.

Today's a planned failure, I am not regretting it since I get to chat with mum for almost 2 hours, without arguing or me getting upset.  This is also a challenge to me; to have a better relationship with mum.

Day #6 & Day #7
Its the weekend where DinoBoy gets to play with the electronic gadgets as a reward for Project Happy Face.  I don't intend to stripe off this privileges totally because of this challenge and also he truly deserves the rewards, so I am only limiting him to ipad and tv only. 

*** *** ***

With only 2 successful days, we really did not fare very well.  I blame the health, which is unfair I know, I would have fought it and insisted on going out or doing activities with the family but having the gastric and the runs at the same time is really no joke, it takes away any amount of energy you have in you.  Makes me just want to slouch or curl up on the sofa and do nothing

Its ok that we fail this time, we shall do better and continue to stay on our routine of no screens during weekdays.  When Screen Free Week Challenge is here next year, I hope we will do better and end the challenge with a loud WOOHOO! WE MADE IT!


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