Wednesday, October 9, 2013

"Mum! I just want to let you know that I did good."

My phone went off this morning, I took a glance and saw a number that looks some what familiar, looking at the time I suddenly have a sinking feeling, I feared that the call is from the school with some unhappy news.

I answered it and hear the sweetest voice at the other line, he starts to blabber the minute I said "Hello".

"Mummy!  I just did my oral and I scored 8/10 and I did well in my English and Chinese listening compre, they were very easy, REALLY!"

"Hi darling!  Where are you calling from?"  Then it crossed my mine that its his recess time now.

"From the 1st telephone in the canteen!"

"Oh really~?"

"Ya!  I just want to let you know that I did good.  Ok BYEEE!"

He hung up before I said my "Goodbye", I smiled at his spontaneous thoughts and action even though I think he probably saw the pay-phone and wanted to try it out.  

Almost immediately I felt like crying, its such touching moments when my little man calls me out of the blue.  I truly hope that such special moments will continue when he is older, that he will pick up the phone and call me just to chat or share his worries with me or when he is simply just missing or thinking about me.

PS : He took his oral yesterday, I think he meant he did correction just now.



  1. Replies
    1. Ya, next time your boy will be as sweet or even sweeter then mine =)

  2. Its these sweet little things that are the best part of being a mother. And we so strongly want that these should not pass once our kids grow up. Oh how i wish sometimes that my little girl remains little & needs me always so much. I am scared to let go of her once she grows up & starts living her life. But that's the rule of time!

    Glad to connect with you again in this UBC :)

    1. My exact sentiments Sweety!
      I wish to hold him in my arms and never let him go or even grow up! My precious little gem~

  3. Oh that is so beautiful, bless him, what a lovely post to wake up to this morning.

  4. Oh my! That is the sweetest thing. And I liked that wistful thought at the end, I too hope that in the years that come, my son also will not lose his spontaneity to call me or see me whenever he thinks of me or wants to spend time with me