Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Wordless Wednesday - Animals & Fruits on my fridge

We used to have many stuffs on the fridge till we found out that some of the poorer quality fridge magnets have left some stains on it.  We threw them away and later on kept the rest as we were moving house.  2 years later our fridge still look clean and decent with a handful of things stuck at the side.

1. Leftover fridge magnet I made for friends during a Christmas party we hosted in 2011
2. Handmade with love - a Father's Day gift DinoBoy made when he was in K1
3. Kitchen timer.
4. 3 cute Lego magnets (the blue Lego dropped off the magnet and was lost) that comes in BabyMoo's Birthday goodie bag.
5. Furry animal head, I forgot where I got them from.
6. A bestie gave me this Starbucks bear many years ago and I could bear to keep it away.
7. We bought this pegs in Taiwan during our honeymoon in 2002
8. We got this cloth photo frame while in Taiwan too, the photo was taken in a tourist attraction in Taiwan, I have forgotten which location though.
9. The school has given this happy apple to DinoBoy, not sure what was the occasion though.
10. I bought a few of this cute square magnets many years ago and I'm left with this one still in its original wrapper too~

Oooo~~ my initial perception of "a handful" turns out to be 10 items, let's hope it will stay at this number as DinoPapa will not be happy if the number starts to grow.

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  1. Although I just love looking at what other people have on their refrigerators, I have always been a minimalist in the kitchen. I really do not like anything on my frig.

    Rachel recently posted The 16 Habits of Highly Unsuccessful Women

    1. We don't like to clutter our fridge with stuffs but we're ok with minimal magnets to beautify it and make it look less cold.

  2. The lion head reminds me of the yellow lion head (backed with a sticker) that I got a few years ago at a Lions (a fraternal organization) convention.

    1. Really? I hope you still have that lion head with you =)

  3. Aww love all the things on your fridge, cool lego :) thanks for sharing at the hop...

  4. I guess you should keep it at that number. It is not too much and it is not too few. It is just the right number of items on your fridge. Having more than 10 items on your fridge will only make it looks cluttered.