Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Imagination Play Unleashed - Fun with the red bathtub

DinoBoy love to watch BeyBlades on the cable when he was 5 and begged us to get the toy for him.  We refused and he got sad but not for long because he built a spinning top and declared it his BeyBlade, take a look here. Ingenious right!

Anyway, he finally got his small collection of BeyBlades a year plus later and he's been spinning them on the floor till DinoPapa bought the super duper expensive stadium for the Beyblades to "fight".  Since we moved house about 2 years ago, the stadium was kept in its box and stored high up in the wardrobe.  DinoBoy's been bugging me to bring it down for him but I refused.  Between leaving it around the house collecting dust after he's done and having to keep it back into the box then bring up to the wardrobe every time he's done playing, I choose none.  So the stadium sits nicely on its place in the wardrobe high up there.

Last weekend night I was at the living room surfing net when I heard some loud banging noise.  I went searching for DinoBoy to see what mischief he was up to and was surprised to see him playing with his BeyBlade in the small red bathtub.  That red tub was lying around the room and he put it into good use, just like that.  This spur of moment inspiration means having a mega great fun seeing his beyblades spinning round and round fighting it out in the small red tub.  He had so much fun that I sat down to join him.  We had an hour of fun pulling the ripcords and launching the beyblades into the tub.

And you think he would only use the red tub for that purpose.  He decided to flip the tub around and pretend that he is a ninja turtle with a red shell.  Hmm... friend or foe of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle?

Then another time he wants to sit in his work boat to repair his beyblades.  He gathered all his beyblades, sat in his work boat and started to dismantle them.  He switched their face bolts, energy rings, metal wheels and spin tracks around then proceed to have a fight in the red tub.

Children feels bored easily and who says their only entertainment are screen time?  With a little bit of inspiration (by themselves or by the parents) they can come up with unexpected ways of entertaining themselves, the healthier ways.

PS : For those who are unfamiliar with this red bathtub, it is part of a dowry for the the Chinese brides.  Mine came together with a potty, a basin, a soup container and a mug. 


  1. I didn't realize you can do a lot of funny thing with a tub :)

    1. Well, when imagination runs wild it creates many ideas for a simple fun play =)