Monday, February 17, 2014

Our Joyful 2014 Chinese New Year Celebration

Time really flies and 15 days of the lunar new year has come an gone.  How did you celebrate the long weekend and your Chinese New Year?  I bet some of you enjoy visiting your relatives and friends while some have flew out for a short holiday.  I was under the weather since early January, and because of this I was unable to declutter and do my spring cleaning.  Well, I sort of got away with it since I was not suppose to celebrate the Chinese New Year as Mum just passed on last November.  Despite my dripping nose and nagging cough, I manage to enjoy the gatherings with family & friends, here's what we did the 3 days.

On 1st day
We actually planned for DinoPapa to bring DinoBoy to relative's house on the 1st day of the lunar new year while I stay at home to try to make myself comfortable.  At the last minute the ladies decided to gather at my house since we either couldn't celebrate or don't feel like visiting relatives on that day. 

Sis had a sudden crave for durians and the ever resourceful Carole got us some really good ones to satisfy her cravings.  Creamy with a slight bitter taste, best durian EVER!  

These are my great company for that day, without them I will feel so lonely *sob sob*  

Of course, great company must always have good food.  Carole brought her BBQ grill while Rach brought her super duper tasty bulgogi.  After having tasting the grilled meat, DinoPapa said we must get a BBQ grill pan too, that way we do not need to go to Korean BBQ Express to settle our craving.  Not a bad idea though I am not sure if it will be difficult to scrub out the grub on the pan.  Let's see if we can find and grab some great deals some where.

On 3rd day
According to traditions, it is consider bad luck to visit friends and relatives so most people will be staying at home or going out shopping etc.  Sis wanted to bring Han to the water playground at NEX, I was hesitant to go out as I was feeling lethargic but I thought DinoBoy has missed out some Chinese New Year fun as we did not go visiting at our relatives & friends so I decided to join Sis.

The two little imps had such a great time chasing each other around the water playground, playing with the slides and the water guns that they protested when it was time to leave.  Later on we had a not so happy dinner at Fish & Co. which I wrote about it earlier, you can read about it here.

On 15th day
The 15th day of the lunar new year is celebrated as Yuanxiao Festival 元宵节 where you eat sweet glutinous rice dumpling or tang yuan 汤圆 and try to find a romantic partner *chuckles*  Incidentally, it is also the Western Valentine's day.  Two Valentine's Day on the same day, that calls for a great celebration with a nice dinner etc BUT DinoPapa have to work full shift today!  Crap!  Means he ends work at 9pm so there goes our celebration.  Double Crap!

The ladies decided to have dinner at Changi Airport Terminal 3, celebrating Valentine's and Sis birthday together.  We reached the airport around 8.30pm and we almost faint when we see long queues in most the restaurants, even the food court is packed with people!  Our choices were limited, we hunt for a restaurant that has the shortest queue and managed to find a table in Pastamania for some pasta & pizzas.

After dinner the younger kids had an hour plus of fun on the slide while, the 2 older boys went off to play with their iphones and the adults stood near the slide to watch over the younger kids and gossip.

This was the first time DinoBoy play with the slide, I was afraid that he may not want to try it out instead he jumped onto the slide without hesitation and shouted "CA-NON-BALLLLLL!!!!" all the way down.  It is really a work out for the kids as they must climb up 2 flights of stairs to go back up to the starting point for another 2 seconds of thrill sliding down the curve slide.

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  1. I think spending quality time with your own family members is far more enjoyable and important than visiting relatives/friends you only see once or twice a year. Despite all that had happened, you guys looked like you had a fabulous time though. Yay!