Monday, March 17, 2014

Breakfast is a serious matter

We all know how important breakfast is but for most of us lunch may be our first meal of the day.  Many experts states that it is unhealthy and we SHOULD cultivate a habit to have our  breakfast before we heads off to work or school.  Have you ever wonder what breakfast mean?  Well, it literally means "break" the "fast".  While you are sleeping your body is not eating for the pass 8 hours or so and to wake up your body system you have to break the fast.  Sounds logic?  Here are some of the reason why we should eat our breakfast;

1. First and most importantly (especially for those who wish to drop some weight), skipping breakfast will cause you to over eat during lunch and reaching out for fatty or high sugar snacks to curb the hunger.  These means putting on more pounds rather then shedding them off, so skipping breakfast for dieting reason is a myth.

2. It helps to improved concentration, memory and performance in the classroom or at work.  And a child who eats breakfast will have better problem-solving skills, and eye-hand coordination.

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Enuff said!  Going for long periods without eating can result in low blood sugar which can affect mood too.  Eat your breakfast so that you start your day happy instead of being grouchy & grumpy or even stressed up.

I usually do not have any breakfast except for a cup of 3-in-1 coffee, some days if I feel really hungry by the time I reach office around 8.20am I will grab a bread or a sandwich from the bakery near here or if I feel really famish I will get a packet of economical fried bee hoon with some side dishes to go with it.

As for DinoBoy, he's been eating his breakfast in childcare and when he enters primary school I will make sure he either drink a cup of warm milk alone or have a sausage bun to go with it.  If he wakes up real early (which is rare now) we will pop by the nearby coffeeshop for his favourite eggs & toast breakfast, like this morning.  Having a hearty breakfast before embarking on an exciting full day workshop.

Breakfast to start his school term break

Do you know that today 17 March 2014, is National Breakfast Day initiated by McDonald's in 2013?  I did not know that till I googled about it when I reached office.  McDonald's started this in Asia Pacific with the hope of reminding people about waking up to better mornings with breakfast.

How did we know about this? Well, we were having our toast breakfast in the food court when we heard the few regulars asking each other if they are going to queue at McDonald's to get a free burger; in this case its Egg McMuffins.

Now, I usually will not choose fast food over healthier cooked food but sometimes when time is limited, or we're stuck at home due to the rain etc this will be a better option then skipping meals at all.

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If you miss out their morning event that ends at 11am, fret not coz they are serving their breakfast menu all day today!  So for you people who love McDonald's breakfast just like me, you get to eat them at whichever timing you like all day TODAY.  I'm going to get my big breakfast later~

McDonald's also have app to enable you to win something from them every day, click here to learn more about it.  Search for McDonald's Surprise Alarm in app store or play store now.

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So remember, have a healthy hearty breakfast every morning to start your day, it will set your tone and mood for the rest of the day, it will also motivate you to eat healthily throughout the day.

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*Disclaimer : We are in no way affiliated to McDonald's or have been compensated for this post by mentioning their National Breakfast Day cause or their Surprise Alarm apps.  We agree with them on the importance of breakfast and think that their apps will be a great way to get more people to have their breakfast from now onwards.  All opinions are mine and photos are credited to the source appropriately.

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  1. I love McDonald's breakfast. Did you know that there is no such thing as "Big Breakfast" on the Aussie McDonalds menu? Somehow they never consider separating the elements of the breakfast muffins on the plate. I really miss that item on the menu.