Friday, March 14, 2014

Foodie Fridays - Home Cooked Meals #1

As DinoPapa has been working the long hours shift, he rarely have any decent food thus its no wonder that he has a craving for home cooked meals.  I decided to cook dinner on Wednesday, they are very simple and easy to prepare dishes that can be done in about 15mins, except for the winter melon soup that was prepared the night before.

The boy's dinner (left) and my 1 bowl dinner (right)

On Tuesday night I prepared the winter melon soup, after boiling the soup for about 30mins I popped it into my thermal pot for it to continue cooking till the next day.  I usually take out and make it boil over the stove in the morning and put it back into the pot, just to make sure that heat is there to continue cooking the soup till night.

I have some prawns in the fridge so I decided to make baked lemon butter prawn, 15mins of baking in the oven and its ready.  The prawns were not very fresh as MIL bought them in late January 2014 for the CNY reunion steamboat dinner, some part of the prawns were soggy but the baking, lemon and butter sort of cover that up that flaw as the prawns turned out to be ok.

I am not sure about you but we must have vegetables in our meals, its stir fried nai bai in oyster sauce this time.

I initially wanted to grab a packet of marinated pork from Cold Storage but the one at my work place does not have any!  So I asked DinoPapa's help, he suggested fried eggs with onion, I immediately said OK.  This is a really really simple dish; 1 onion and 3 eggs, BUT I got confused when I was frying the onion.  Should I pour the beaten up eggs into the work or dish them out and mix onion with eggs then pour back into the wok???  I have only seconds to make a decision and I did none of the above... I dished out the fried onions out from the wok, pour the eggs then put the onions onto the eggs and fry them.  Don't ask me why I do that coz I have no idea too, I guess my brain shut down at that moment.  Anyway the dish turned out well though I think DinoPapa's version is million times tastier then mine.

An hour and fifteen minutes later we sat down to have a TV dinner; eating dinner while watching TV, something that is rarely allowed in the home but I was hungry & tired till I just want to sit at the sofa with my feet up and have my dinner. 

I think I am getting a hang of cooking in limited time coz I used to be cranky and will snap at DinoBoy if he ever put his tiniest toe in the kitchen to talk to me.  That night I was cool and calm, enjoying the whole cooking process, and yes DinoBoy came into the kitchen but I did not chase him out angrily.  I was also able to enjoy my dinner in a relaxed mood.  

So really, practice makes perfect!  All of you working mum should not feel that it is an impossible task to cook dinner during weekdays.  The dishes does not have to be fancy, it can be Simple and Healthy.

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This linky is for anything that is FOOD related. It could be a restaurant you visited recently, meals you cook with your family or for your family or recipes you wish to share with every one.

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  1. I have also yet to master the art of frying onions with eggs. I get mixed up too! Sometimes, I fry the onion and add the eggs. Sometimes, the other way round. Sometimes, even pre-mixed the 2 and fry. LOL... I just love playing around with food. :P

    1. oooo~~ so I am not the only confused one~ I guess which ever way the main thing is the onion must be soft enough to eat and not too raw or too crunchy.

  2. I love my thermal cooker too! Perfect for making soups and and one pot meals and keeping it warm in time for dinner. And good call on the egg and onion dish. Omelette is my go to dish as well if I'm cracking my head for another addition to the dinner table

    1. Eggs with onion is the easiest since every one love fried eggs right? Plus they taste better if we throw in some shredded carrots, peas etc into it besides the onion.