Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Wordless Wednesday - the $1 Ice Cream

I saw the ice cream man and his scooter when our cab turned into our carpark. I decided to grab one each for both of us.

Me : Yay!  We've got ice cream to eat again!
DinoBoy grins happily.
When we are in the lift I whipped out my handphone and said "Come!  Let's take a photo of us and the ice cream."
Me : Quick.  Ready?
Nothing happen...
Me : (with my face freezes with THAT expression in the photo) Son you have to tap the camera button coz my hands are full.
DinoBoy : Oh!  

*C L I C K*

~ ~ ~

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  1. so cute!!.. miss eating those type of ice-cream with the kids.. they don't really come around my area nowadays.

    1. Business are bad so maybe some of them quit?

  2. wonderful treat! I love to have mine in the colourful bread :P

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

    1. We always like it on biscuits, hear the crunchy sound when we bit into our ice cream, shiok!

  3. What an incredible impromptu moment! So nice that you decided to just let loose and enjoy some sugar for this sweet moment with your boy

    1. Now that he is older I allow him an over dose of sugar some times. He's happy and I'm happy, a $2 thrill for both of us.