Monday, May 5, 2014

Our Home Revision Timetable

You are reading a scheduled post prepared a few days ago as we are joining the Screen-Free Week Challenge from 05 May to 11 May 2014. We are turning off screens for 7 days and turning on LIFE. Join the fun – just unplug!

Right, we are at the middle of school term 2, DinoBoy started his mid year test on 23 April 2014 and will continue till 16 May 2014 with a few tests in each week.  You must be wondering about the number of subjects he have, well he only have 3 but there is Listening Compre, Oral & written test for both English and Chinese, on top of that there is Chinese Show & Tell and English Spelling Test.   Thank goodness that the teachers decided not to do English Show & Tell and Chinese Spelling Test, otherwise that's another 2 things to prepare.  *phew~*

Last year I did not do much revision with him till the last term, as the Primary one students were not graded.  This year is streaming year for DinoBoy's school so I think I cannot be so relax.  I did a timetable earlier in April, listing out the revisions we ahve to do daily at home.  Frankly, I am not a fan of such structured routine but I think it's necessary if I want to gradually ease DinoBoy into some serious school work mindset otherwise he will think that its all fun and play with no efforts put into his study.

I told DinoBoy that the time stated in the timetable is only a guide but the time spent on each subject's revision/assessment books will still be an hour.  If we are able to reach home early we can start the revision early too, this will mean that we will have extra time for reading or playing board games.

It's been about a month and so far we have been following the weekday timetable to a T, I'm still a little bit lax on weekends mainly coz we have busy Saturdays and usually too tired to bark at DinoBoy on Sundays.  Regardless, we still managed to finished the English grammar & Chinese comprehension assessment books, the Maths problem sums assessment book is all caught up to the topic that the teacher is still teaching (yupe, Maths test is next week but the teacher has not finished teaching all the topics to be tested).  And the English comprehension assessment book that DinoBoy started after he was done with the grammar is 3/4 done.  Don't get the wrong idea that I pushed him to do many chapters per assessment book, except for the Maths problem sums the rest are mostly MCQ questions with minimum writing required thus he was able to finish them so fast.

Oh ya, you may have noticed that the English grammar assessment book is for Primary 1, I bought this when we were buying school books in the school and I did not have any chance to let DinoBoy do it then since I was not focusing on doing assessment books with him.  I didn't want to waste it so I just let him do it since there is not much different between these 2 levels.

I have been asking myself this question "Am I demanding too much from DinoBoy by pressing him to do these assessment books?"  I am not sure but I'd like to think that I am not, DinoBoy understand the purpose of daily revision and will go into the study room to pick up any assessment book to do for that hour.  Of course some days he will protest and try to argue/bargain his way out but with some reasoning he is always back on track.

To relax his mind after an hour of work we always end the night with some chit-chatting, ice cream, reading and/or a game of Ludo/Chinese Chess/Snake & Ladder.


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