Friday, May 2, 2014

Screen Free Week Challenge 2014

Yes! Screen-Free Week is happening from 05 to 11 May 2014.  We will be taking part in this challenge again for the second time in a row.  We only managed to finish the challenge with partial succeess last year which I have shared here and here but I am happy that I have continued to enforce the no screen rule after the challenge and we managed to cut off all screen time during weekdays.

So for this year's challenge, I'd like to try to avoid screen time on weekend especially for DinoBoy.  Even though he only have Sundays to watch tv, play on his ipad, laptop or our mobile phones, I didn't like it but I did not try to do anything to it too mainly coz Sundays are usually rest day for us and with a full day out on Saturdays for classes I really do not have the energy to do anything else on Sundays.  However, I'll try to make a change, perhaps instead of letting him go on screen time spree I'll try to keep it to half a day.

To those of you who are unfamiliar about Screen-Free Week, here is a brief intro taken from their website.
Screen-Free Week is an annual, international celebration when schools, families, and community groups pledge to spend seven days without entertainment screen media.* Instead of watching TV, surfing the web, or playing video games, they read, play, think, create, get physically active, and spend more time with friends and family.
If you think your family are facing too much screen time thus missing out or having not enough family bonding time and you like to make a change, why not take this challenge as a first step to a better family life?  Ok, I know how difficult it is to take the first step or initiative, you can find millions of reason to NOT do it.  However, think of the great stuffs you can do with your family together, the priceless memories and the endless fun you guys will have.  Do you want to look back years later and the only thing that you can remember are of every one facing a screen of their own and not communicating with each other, such as this photo below?


Well, I certainly do not wish to have that kind of memory. Sad to say, it's such a common sight that every time I sit at food courts or restaurants having my dinner I see a few tables of family facing their gadgets even while eating.

Some of you are thinking "What? Need to include the WHOLE family? Well... I don't think so and so will take part." or "I have to check my emails, how to work if I don't face the computer?" etc.  Of course it not possible to avoid screen during work but this challenge is focuses more on family so if you need to use the computer or any electronic gadgets for work, just continue to do so.  Even though the challenge says "include the whole family", I personally think that you can rope in who ever you want to do it, it may not be every one in the family.  Like us, we started in small steps, last year I took part with DinoBoy while DinoPapa's was not involved as his work requires him to be on the phone or checking emails constantly.

The purpose of this challenge is about all the fun stuffs you do with your family away from some computer games/gadgets.  For me, its also about the target I set out to achieve from this challenge and to continue to do it AFTER the challenge.  

So, take the first step out!  Join us in this cause for better family life!  For those who has done the challenge before, do join us again this year, we will be glad to have you back with the troops again.

Here are some links to help kick start the preparation.
  • Get your Orgainiser's Kit here.
  • No idea how to engage your kids so that they are away from the screen?  Fear not!  Here are some great ideas.
  • has put up a few essential handouts here that includes Pledge Card & Certificate of Achievement.
  • For USA residents, you can find a Screen-Free Week event near you here!
Do let us know if you are joining the challenge with The DinoFamily, we can probably exchange ideas on the things you plan to do or even get together for the kids to have some fun some where.

Don't hesitate, Join the challenge now!


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