Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Freak Accident? Checked!

Remember when you were schooling and there is always this one or two classmates (usually boys) who are extremely naughty and showing disrespectful attitude towards the teachers, causing disturbance in class, always up to some kind of mischief?  I have a few of these classmates during my time and never in my dream that my own child will be just like them.

He walks around the classroom during lesson to chit chat with classmates regardless of whether he finished the work given to him or not.  He climbed up the window grill just coz "its's fun", during classroom discussion he challenges the teachers with questions; sometimes intelligent other times just rubbish, slams door, slams window, pushed the chair with more than needed force and the list goes on.

Yesterday afternoon I received a call from the school, the very stressed and vexed Chinese teacher told me that DinoBoy "had cut his finger and its bleeding non-stop... I told him not to slam the window too hard but he did not listen, and the window pane broke.  He used his hand to grabbed the broken window pane.  I think he was afraid that it slides down (from 3rd floor) to the 1st floor.  I managed to removed the window pane... but his finger is still bleeding, deep cut and can see a flap of skin... you better come and bring him home to see doc, I'm afraid that the wound may need stitches..."

After that few minutes of listening to her, my first question to her "Was anyone else hurt or injured?" and next I said "I will go to the school now." in a calm voice.  Some of you may think how in the world I can keep my cool instead of firing questions at the teacher about DinoBoy, how can not even ask if my son is ok or not.  Well, frankly I foresee such freak accident will happen sooner or later so in a way I was waiting for THIS phone call.  Plus, besides the broken window pane and a very flustered teacher, every one and every thing else are safe.

I took urgent time off from my boss; who as usual granted my request without much quesions and about 30mins later, I reached the school's General Office.  I saw him sitting in the waiting room and the first words that I said to him is "Serves you right!". Yes, I am THAT kind of Mum.  I had nagged and scolded him about things that he should not do but it all fell to deaf ears, this is the kind of thing he deserves which will definitely made him learn his lesson and never to do it again.  I have no sympathy for foolish acts, not even to my own flesh and blood.  

As if facing the music from his Chinese teacher and myself is not enough, the school's Principal came out of his office to check what was the commotion about (we weren't exactly soft when we were talking some sense into DinoBoy).  I made him tell the Principal the whole incident.  I have to say, his Principal is cool and calm just like his appearance, he spoke in a soft tone telling him the right way to deal with the faulty window latch etc etc.  With his intervention, he cut short the torment DinoBoy has to face from the 2 of us and we left the General Office.

You would have thought we will be hastening our steps to the nearby clinic, NO~WAY~ we took a turn and headed off to the Student Care Centre because he did not report to the centre and no one knows his whereabouts.  Again, I made him tell his student care form teacher the whole incident and he received an earful from her.

An hour plus later, we were sitting with the doctor and this is the first time I am seeing the wound.  It IS a deep clean cut, no flapping skin and the blood started to flow almost immediately when the bandage was removed.  For some one who did not flinch or cry (according to his Chinese teacher) when the teachers were dressing his wound earlier, DinoBoy was squealing "Ouch! Ouch!" and wriggling in the seat when the doctor was trying to stop the bleeding and clean the wound.  He covered his eyes because he didn't want to look at his bleeding finger.  After a well deserved 10mins of agony the wound was glued up with skin glue. I would have wanted him to go through the stitching process, ah well.... 

All through the couple of hours, he did not utter a word of complain nor given me any excuse for his action.  He only apologized for it, he said a remorseful "Sorry" to his Principal and Chinese teacher.  He accepted the stern reasoning and advise by his student care teacher and he apologise many times to me for causing so much trouble for me.  I made him apologise to himself for causing harm to his body with his mindless action.

This morning, after the initial swelling subsided, the wound looks raw and gross but according to DinoBoy its not as painful as yesterday.  Thanks to the lavender Young Living essential oil which I applied around the wound that aids in bringing down the swell.  With the glue on the wound, it should heal well in a week or so.  In the mean time he will be going around with his right middle finger straighten most of the time coz he can't move them as freely as the other fingers till the wound is less painful.

So, has he learnt his lesson? Well, in is own words "Yes! I don't want my fingers to all get cut like this!"  


  1. Oh dear! My heart wrenched and I stopped breathing as I was reading this. Wishing that he learnt his lesson.

    1. He said he did, but let's just see. After the pain is gone and the wound has healed see if he still remember this.

  2. Ouch!!!!!! Wow Jen you are so strong! I might have melted into the ground! Hugs, Z. Feel better soon!

    1. LOL Adora, this is nothing as compared to the big Boo-Boo on his knee few years ago :P