Thursday, April 2, 2015

Home Cooked Meals #3 - Tomato Rice

It's been quite a while since I last cook a proper meal on weekday, yesterday I thought I'll try to whip up something from the things in my fridge.  It wasn't difficult, with a bit of cheating no doubt and an hour plus later we were sitting down having a hot home cooked dinner, here are the dishes.

Doesn't my tomato rice looks delish?  I am salivating, remembering the texture and taste of the rice even when I am writing about it now.  I only put in tomato and corn in my rice, there are people who put in diced/sliced mushrooms, crab stick, some diced marinated chicken/pork etc, and make it into a one pot dish.  I learn how to make this tomato rice by watching the video by ochikeron, I love ALL her video, they are shoot in bright areas with nice soothing soft music in the background, her instructions are clear and she try to show all the steps involved in it.  I first watched her video in 2013 and baked a Kasutera (Castella Sponge Cake) in my rice cooker.

Ok so here is the cheating part... Since I decided during the day that I will cook dinner that night there were no soup to go with the rice, which is kinda unacceptable for me coz I love soup!  So while in the supermarket gathering the veggie and the tomato, I went off to the soup section intending to grab a can of Campbell soup.  However, something else caught my eye, this packet of instant miso soup!  Took me about 10mins to decide whether to get this or not because I was skeptical whether there will really be tofu in it as stated in the package.  If its all sale gimmick than it will be a waste of my almost $6 for 8 packet of instant miso soup.  I decided to take my chance and I'm glad that I did.  Looking at the photo above you can see that there are really tofu cubes in it.  The soup is not too salty and I added some more seaweed because we love them lots in our miso soup. 

And the boy's satisfying look and non stop compliments on the food AND  my cooking is all I need to feel that all these last minute meal planning and cooking are all worth it!


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