Monday, April 20, 2015

Kids react to Old School Gadgets - Hardware Zone Tech Awards 2015

During the recent March school holiday a family friend asked if we are interested to let our kids do a video interview where the kids will be shown some old school gadgets/items asked about their views on these gadgets.  Usually I will ask DinoBoy if he is interested to go but this one, I decided for him because it will be fun to see his reactions to some old school stuffs.

I did not prep DinoBoy about this, the only thing I told him a few days prior to that day was "I arranged for a video interview for you, nothing serious, just for fun.  There will be some gadgets from long ago which they will ask your opinion about it, you just say whatever that comes to your mind." he didn't protest, just asked what exactly are the gadgets which I replied that I am not sure, after that he just went "Okay, I can do that." and that's the end of it.

On that day, we went down with another friend and we were shown to a small room with simple set up, after getting the kids to relax and get acquainted with the 2 kor-kor (big brothers) the interview started.  It lasted for slightly more than half an hour for each kid, we had a good laugh at the unexpected things/answers the kids gave.  

Here is the video interview with the 8 kids that was shown during the Hardware Zone Tech Awards 2015.  (Video link taken from Hardware Zone youtube channel)

PS : About the cassette tape with a whooping price tag of $3000, they did not show the part after DinoBoy said the price, according to him its an antique so it cost that much now.  

Overall it was a fun experience for DinoBoy. as you can see from the video he's got great imagination and very creative on his answers that leads him (and the other kids) to say the darndest things! A friend who was at the Tech Awards recognized DinoBoy and told me about it, she said he gave "memorable answers".  So, after watching that video....

What's on your mind Baby~

Disclaimer : This is not a sponsored post. We are not affiliated with Hardware Zone SG nor its management.  All opinions in this post is 100% ours.  Thank you SPH Magazine for the great job in compiling the video.


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