Friday, April 24, 2015

Momma Don't You Worry [Kindle Edition] - Book Review

About the Book

Title : Momma Don't You Worry [Kindle Edition]
Author : Louie Lawent
Publisher: Ladybee Publishing
Publication Date: January 27, 2015
Pages : 12
Recommended Age : 2 - 6
Summary : This illustrated books tells a poetic story from a six year old's viewpoint. His mother worries too much in his opinion, until they go on a shopping trip and he gets a real appreciation for just how right his mom is.
Excerpt :
She watches me with eagle eyes
Like I’m a treasured jewel
She cramps my style, oh man alive

My Review

Great read a loud book to younger kids to instill the good habits of always holding to Mum's or Dad's hand and be near them whenever they are outside.  It is really a very "dangerous world" out there for a young kid.  Through this book, the younger kids will know that even kids who are nearly 6 years old needs to always follow these rules too.

For the older kids who thinks like the boy in the book, this could serve as a reminder the importance of holding hands, it is more for safety reasons than to embarrass them.

The book also give hints of what to do when the kid gets separated from the parents, this is important and useful because some kids will panic and cry their eyes out instead of seeking help.  

I love the simple illustrations and the simple words used, though the rhyming could be better in some ways.


About the Author

Louie Lawent is the author of the picture book "Gerty The Pig" which is in schools across the United States. The book is part of the National Accelerated Readers Program. He is also a lyricist with his works featured on rock, country and children's releases. His co-written song "One More Father's Son" is on Grammy award-winning D.L. Byron's latest CD "Satori." He co-wrote "Slippery Forces" with Boz Boorer which appears on Boz's CD "Some of the Parts." Louie co-wrote 10 children's songs with Steve Goodie which are featured on Steve's "Refrigerator Art" CD. Also, he co-wrote "Worms In The Can, Wieners On The Bun" on Canadian children's recording artist Erick Traplin's CD "A Little More." Louie is an avid Green Bay Packers fan and enjoys table tennis.


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