Friday, October 9, 2015

Celebrating DinoBoy's Birthday, the Sentosa Way!

This is a rather late post, with all the haze going on, its not fun having headaches, feeling sleepy & tired most of the time, besides that I have to cook dishes or prepare nourishing soup and drinks to ensure the family don't fall sick at such unhealthy weather.  With a few good clean breathable air in the past few days, I finally found the energy to churn out this post.

DinoBoy's birthday falls on 12 August, to break away from our usual celebration of having a birthday party and BBQ gathering, we decided to do something different by keeping it within the family.  Yupe, just the 3 of us, simple but fun filled no doubt.

A Day Before
The birthday celebration started a day before the actual day. We decided to dine in his favourite restaurant Sakae Sushi even though it eats into our budget because the joy of seeing our child enjoying the food and appreciating the things we provide to him is far greater than any price.

He is a picky eater since young; not those who picked on food and rejects those that taste weird but one of those who prefer food that are of better quality.  Since he started to eat sashimi earlier this year, he always asked for one of them whenever we visit Sakae Sushi, this time I ordered a plate of Rokushu Sashimi Moriawase where he can enjoy more of it.  I top up my Kaisen Ramen with a few dollars (forgot how much it cost $2.50 maybe?) and it comes with a chawamushi and 2 slices of salmon sushi, more sashimi for the boy to enjoy.

Look at his satisfying look while savouring all his favourite dishes.

On the Actual Day
I made the boy ponteng or skipped school, because I wanted him to enjoy this day to the fullest.  To start off the day, we decided to have a full breakfast at one of the neighbourhood coffee joint as we will be out for most of the day in Sentosa.  DinoBoy had his favourite egg and toast set with ice milo, DinoPapa had lasi lemak and I had longtong.  The food was ok but they filled our tum-tum to the fullest.  

We thought we could set off right away but... it started to drizzle!  We sat around, waiting for the rain to stop but instead it rain slightly harder!  After 30mins of waiting, I decided to call up Singapore Car Cable to see if it is raining heavily over their side and whether they are still operating despite the weather.  I received good news that the rain is smaller and yes the cable cars are still working, we quickly made our way down to Harbour Front Station.

We made it to Harbour Front Station, the drizzle was much smaller than at our place. There was a crowd at the ticketing station, just show how popular our cable cars are with the tourists and locals.  We collected our complimentary tickets and headed off to take the lift up the the 15th storey where we waited eagerly for our turn to hop into the car.   

This cable ride was specially requested by DinoBoy, which is a surprise because a year ago when he first took the ride he was freaked out.  He sat frozen to his seat and dare not move, even when his cousins encouraged him and even moved around the car to show that it is really safe to do so.  I was sure that was our first and last ride at that time.  Look at him now, peeping out of the glass panel, looking down at the beautiful scene outside, he was obviously very happy and excited to be in the cable car.

Photo complimentary from Singapore Cable Car
We alighted from the cable car and ended up at the top of the Sentosa Skyline Luge where we took the skyline down to the bottom to meet some one special.

This is the 1st time DinoPapa is taking the skyline so its family portray time!

Meet the guy who made this day happen (I'm going to keep his name a secret hehehe~). He knew DinoBoy is a Luge Addict and he didn't even think twice when I asked if he could give us complimentary rides.  Thank you so much Mr J, you have no idea how happy you made a 9 year old that day!

Even though it was a wet and cold day...

spirits! Yupe there were still many people who still want to luge. And as long as there are no lightning warning, the skyline luge will still be in operation for all the thrill seekers to dash down the 2 tracks at high speed in the luge carts.

All thanks to the Sentosa Skyline Luge crew who made the fun possible. They group of people not only have to work under the hot scorching sun, the wet cold rain, they also have to flex some muscles too. They have to bring the heavy luge carts out from the convey belt to the front and make sure they are lined up properly so that when the thrill seekers sat on them and ready to go, they do not knock into each other. They also have to give the simple verbal instructions to first time lugers on how to control the luge carts. Tough work and back breaking lah I tell you, so the next time you are there, please give them a smile and say Thank You for a job well done!

DinoBoy can't wait to get his butt onto the luge cart, he looked so bored when we were riding the skyline and kept saying he wish the chairlift will go faster.

Before we went onto the luge cart, I warned the boy to go slower because the tracks will be wet and probably slippery due to the wet weather.  I was confident that he will heed my advice and instruction, but an accident still happened that day.  A man stopped his cart right after a curve in the middle of the track for god knows what reason.  It was too late for when DinoBoy turned the curve and saw him, to prevent him from crashing into that man, he had to pull back the brakes hard and turn the handle hoping to go past him but this caused the cart to overturn.  I was a few seconds behind him and when I rounded the curve he was just getting up and trying to get his cart straighten up.  And what did that man do?  NOTHING!  He just sit in his cart, look at DinoBoy and try to look that he has got nothing to do with it. (Cursing and swearing inside me!)  Lucky DinoBoy only suffered some slight abrasions on the palm, nothing serious, after I gave the man a few hard stares we continued our way to the bottom of the track.

Due to some miscommunication, we were only given 2 sets of tickets instead of 3, thus we ended up with 3 skyline rides short because we used it to come down from the top earlier.  This does not stop us from our fun, we decided to take the Bus 1 up to the Imbiah Station which is just 1 stop away from Beach Station (remember to take Bus 1 instead of Bus 2 though these 2 buses goes there but Bus 2 takes a longer route to reach Imbiah Station).

We looked like a peculiar Mum and Son pair racing from Luge towards the bus terminal with the Luge helmet and poncho screaming "Mum!!! Hurry!!! Bus 1 is leaving!!!" "Son! Wait UP!!! Be careful! Don't run into people! Don't fall down!", not once, not twice but THRICE! Man! that was tiring but FUN!

And we attracted a few stares and smiles like from the Sentosa staff below, he must have seen us dashing like mad from far far away, only to reach Bus 1 berth and found that the bus have left.  The short 5-7 mins ride up the hill in the air conditioned bus to Imbiah Station gave us time to rest our feet and cool off a bit.  Of course, the min we hop off the bus its mad dash to the Luge line again. 

Sentosa Skyline Luge never fails to give us the endless thrill, fun and excitement every time we visit.  Read about our past visits over here and here.

We took a break in between our Luge rides for lunch at Tastes of Asia, located near Beach Station where the restaurant serves flavourful dishes from around the region, get a taste of countries such as India, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.   We ordered different types of food and were satisfied with them, the food was tasty and I especially like my refreshing cucumber tea.

We wanted to continue our fun at the 4D Adventureland but we missed the show screening time by 5mins and its about 30mins wait for the next one, so we decided to give it a miss.  Me & DinoBoy went back the following week coz I was determined to keep my promise to my boy.  We took all 4 rides and had a blast of time!

Have you been to 4D Adventure Land?  What is your favourite ride?  We love Desperados though my shooting skill needs a lot of practice hahaha~

We headed back to the main land and off to buy some birthday presents at Popular Bookstore. We made use of the coupon for Geronimo Stilton books coupon in the Welcome Booklet for the Limited Edition 25th Anniversary POPULAR Card.

Last stop is to look for his birthday cake.  We went to the 3 bakeries in the mall, he couldn't decide which one to get but eventually he picked this chocolate mousse cake from Polar Puffs.

With that big smile on his face and the chocolate mousse cake in our tummy, we ended our birthday celebration for him.  I can vouch for the 3 of us that we enjoyed ourselves and had a great family time though the day started a little bit gloomy and wet.  

We would like to specially say thanks Singapore Cable Car and Sentosa Skyline Luge for making this day a memorable birthday for my little boy.  THANKS A BUNCH!

Disclaimer : We received complimentary tickets from Singapore Cable Car and Sentosa Skyline Luge in exchange for a blog post, no other forms of compensation were received. All opinions are 100% ours and all photos in this post unless otherwise credited, are copyrighted and belongs to the DinoFamily, you may not use any of the photos for any purposes without seeking our approval.


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