Wednesday, October 28, 2015

PONEY Autumn 2015 Collection

Couple of months ago, I wrote a short post about PONEY; one of the reputable kids fashion brand in Singapore, and mentioned that DinoBoy loved their clothes when he first tried on their clothes earlier this year.  Recently we headed down to PONEY Marina Bay Sands to get some new clothes for DinoBoy coz he has outgrown most of his gai-gai or outdoor clothes.

Note : If you are taking the train to Marina Bay Sands like us, PONEY is at the other side of the mall, above the food court.  So be prepared for a long walk, lucky thing is the mall is air conditioned and there are many things to see along the way.  Shops selling designer stuffs, cute things for the kids, stylish fashionable clothes for adults etc etc.

You can't miss the shop because of the huge signage outside the store, DinoBoy spotted it far far away and exclaimed "We are here Mum!" before quickening his steps towards it.  He is excited about shopping at his favourite shop and can't wait to step into it.

We were greeted with an array of colorful clothes that instantly made me happy because I love clothes in vibrant or cheerful color which always excites me and makes me feel like I am about to go into a new adventure.

PONEY @ Marina Bay Sands

And an adventure we did go, an Autumn Adventure, PONEY style!  Ok, bring out the knee high boots, the crunchy leaves, the occasion chilly wind, the pumpkin & bale of hays and we are set to go!

In this cozy little corner you can find PONEY latest Autumn 2015 collection for the boys.  It may look like there are limited choices at one glance but I guarantee that you will be able to come out with many different looks by mix matching the pieces giving you a few styles for every occasions.   

DinoBoy's PONEY Autumn 2015 Lookbook

Which ever style you choose, what ever mood you are in, however you match the clothes, PONEY fashion always sets you in the mood for FUN, SUNSHINE, PLAYFULNESS & HAPPINESS. 
Pure and simple pleasures of being a child.

Since he was younger, DinoBoy has his own opinion about his clothes, including the style and color so I am used to letting him make his own decision for that coz frankly he is the one wearing them, I wasn't going to interfere or make him miserable by forcing him to wear something he probably don't like. 

Lucky for me, this time I have Christine to assist DinoBoy, she spoke to him to get an idea of his fashion preference, brought him clothes for him to see and feel (ya feel coz this boy has a thing about clothing texture) before getting the right size for him to try on. 

And where was I?  Well, I was sitting around relaxing, getting up only to help DinoBoy button up  or tighten the pants and to take photos when he was ready.  If I have a cuppa and some finger snacks with me that would be the best shopping trip EVER for me!

Here's sharing DinoBoy's PONEY wardrobe which includes collections from Spring, Summer and Autumn.  

DinoBoy has an almost similar shorts in dark green which he love coz "Its very comfortable." and its natural that he wants to grab another one.  I love the mustard color and even though it is a strong color it still goes well with other colors.

Green is his favourite color so its no surprise that he wants this polo tee but I was surprise that he wanted the skinny jeans because he commented that it was too tight when he tried it on (he usually wears boot cut or loose jeans) but told me to include this in the To-Buy clothes.  

I love the checkered pastel red & blue on the skinny jeans cuff, the scratch/torn markings on it makes this a perfect jeans to pair it with boots and we are ready to go for some outdoor adventure!  DinoBoy declared this as his "Ice skating Jeans." though but no matter, still outdoor fun for us.

I would never thought that he will choose a shirt coz he really can't stand collars (except for school uniform but even that it was a struggle every morning when he put that on.), I haven't been buying shirts for him for years, I have to asked him twice if he really wants this shirt just to be sure.  

The little cream whales swam into my heart, they are oh-so-cuteeee!  So I think it swam into DinoBoy's heart too.  Why should we settle with the usual blue color with contrasting prints clothes when we can make it stand out by adding splash of red colors to it?  Love it to the max!  Who says red are for girls only?

"PONEY, giving you the unprecedented fashion experience enjoyment!" - Mr. Albert Tan, founder of PONEY

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Photo Credit - PONEY Singapore

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Photo Credit - PONEY Singapore

Disclaimer : We received PONEY shopping vouchers for the purpose of this post, no other forms of compensation were received. All opinions are 100% ours and based on our shopping experience at PONEY Singapore. All photos in this post unless otherwise credited, are copyrighted and belongs to the DinoFamily, you may not use any of the photos for any purposes without seeking our approval.


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