Sunday, March 6, 2016

MegaZip - The Flight of Your Life

Last Week we took our outdoor adventure to another level by going for another challenging sport, something that really challenged MY courage and MY fear of height.  I am not exactly an acrophobia but things that requires me to travel in the air with my feet dangling makes me very nervous.  However, being a good Mama as I always am (ok I self proclaimed that I am good hahaha!) I bite the bullet and went ahead, showing no fear in front of DinoBoy while my stomach is flipping all over inside.  So far its been rewarding and I am glad that after a few tries I managed to get over the fear and enjoy the sports tremendously with DinoBoy.

We were in Sentosa for another event and dropped by Mega Adventure Park after a quick lunch.  We took Sentosa Bus 1 from Beach Station and alighted at Imbiah Lookout Station, there were no buggy at sight so we took a slow walk up to Imbiah Hill.  It was a long walk but the path is covered by the tress so its cooling plus we heard many interesting insects sounds which we don't get many chance to hear them.  Do remember to try to walk by the side of the path and beware of buggy travelling on it.

We finally reached the ticketing counter 10mins later, we were greeted warmly by this pretty lady who was with all smile and friendliness when she saw us approaching.  We got our wristband from her and proceed further in to get geared up with the harness to be ready for our adventure!

The crew took our weight because there is a weight requirement for all of their activities. For MegaZip, even though DinoBoy meets the minimum height requirements of 120cm to do the zip unaccompanied, he weighs less than the minimum weight of 30kg thus he has to "zippity-zip" with me.  The maximum weight for Megazip is 140kg, luckily our combined weight is way below that. 

All geared up and ready to go!

After a short walk up a path we came to a green tower and have to climb 5 storey up to the top for our Megazip!  DinoBoy dashed up the stairs in lightning speed, its not so fun for me coz my feet were tired after a 4km run earlier.  Oh my gawd!  I almost climbed up on all fours when I was reaching the top, I swear that I can't feel my feet at that moment.

Now, remember the fear I mentioned earlier?  I thought it would be a fast one, go up, get ready, zip down and get over with it.  Oh no!  Fat hope!  First there was a long queue so we have to sit on the metal steps to wait for the queue to clear before we get to step onto the platform.  At first I thought my brain is playing tricks on me as I had a feeling that the tower was swaying, I brushed that thoughts away thinking that its my imagination (Later I got confirmation from a friend that the tower is REALLY swaying due to the wind!).  As I sat nervously on the steps waiting, it started to drizzle and the crew announced that they have to stop for 10mins to wait it out and get clearance that it is safe to zip down the line.  Urrgghh!!!  Luckily the drizzle stopped a few minutes later and we've got clearance to continue, woohoo!

Finally at the front of the queue, waiting for our turn

The long wait sort of settled my nervousness but looking at the scenery in front of me at the front of the line gives me butterflies in the stomach again.  The 3 Megazip lines are 75 metres high and 450 metres long, a person can expect to "fly" down the line at a whooping heart pounding speed of 60km/hr. And get this, the heavier you are the faster you "fly" down, so if you want the fast and furious thrill, get your friend or kid to "buddy buddy" with you. 

Can you see our landing point? Its.. its... its sooo tiny and sooo far away!!!!!!!

When the nice muscular crew hooked us up onto the zip line I got cold feet, my instincts told me to turn around and run away, quick!  I started to panic and talked nonsensically, I asked the crew to trade places with me and HE zip down with DinoBoy.  He was kind enough not to roll his eyes at me for being ridiculous (which I KNOW I am hahaha!), he simply just smile at me and gave me some words of encouragement, which of course did not set my mind at ease.  I even try to get the photographer to swoop place with me!  How pathetic!  I know right!!! Look at my worried face in this photo... gosh.. am so not proud about myself.

Now, before we start to fly down, we have to hang outside the gate, relying on the harness, the rope and the hook to hold our weight on the line.  After the count down of 3-2-1 you will hear a loud click that indicates that the brake is released and the "flying" starts.  I am not exaggerating in the photos below, that was exactly how I felt during the initial 5 seconds.

After that, I calmed down little bit and took in the mighty view from the top looking down at the canopy of trees below us.  I felt exhilarating with the fast speed together with the strong wind slapping against my face!  It was so overwhelmed that I let out a series of loud "Woo~ hoo~".  I was so mad loud that those at the beach looked up to see what the commotion was about.

Credits : Mega Adventure Park

Shortly after, it was over *sigh* way too fast for such thrill.  It was a long walk from Fox Finish Point to MegaZip booth at Siloso beach to get off our gear but the cool breeze and warm sun makes the walk quite enjoyable.  Plus we get to see people zipping down above us and get an idea of how we look like when we were up there.  Interesting to see people zipping down in different pose but with the same adrenaline high feeling.

So, my after thoughts on MegaZip experience?

Before I was there I thought we have to jump out of the platform ourselves like bungee jumping (ok I admit that I did not check out their website prior to the visit.), that freaks me out a little bit.  After I see the real thing I breath a sigh or relieve but only to get nervous again at the thought of hanging outside the platform for few seconds.  The loud clicking sound by the braking system gives me chills every time it releases and sends some one down the line, it makes me feel like "dooms day" is near and mine will be in a short while.  Okay okay, not a very positive thoughts but I'm not a very brave person when it comes to height and jumping off buildings, me no Jane you know.

Frankly, I never dreamed that I will do something as daring and crazy as this but am sure that I did it, together with DinoBoy too!  I am sure it will be a precious memory for both of us.  

Will I go back again?  100% Definitely!  I like the adrenaline rush and the freedom of flight feeling.  I think they are good for the mind and body because I felt refreshed after that 1 minute plus "flight",  it felt that a heavy burden has been lifted off my shoulders and I am ready to taken on anything that comes my way.

Now, let's plan for our next trip to Mega Adventure Park!  Oh, before that, read further for something great for you guys out there~

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Besides MegaZip, Mega Adventure Park offers 4 other attractions to test your mind, body and courage, be sure to try all attractions out when you are there.  They offers different types of combi tickets at reasonable price to suit every one. 

Opening Times
Mega Adventure Opens everyday from 11am-7pm

Team Building:

(+65) 6884 5602

Park Address
Megazip Adventure Park Imbiah Hill Road Sentosa Island Singapore

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