Friday, February 19, 2016

Foodie Fridays - Korean Fried Chicken Wings

As far as I can remember whenever I walked past a certain fried chicken fast food joint in Plaza Singapura there is always a long queue at the counter.  I know that the shop sells Korean style fried chicken but I was not impressed.  I mean, fried chicken is... well...  fried chicken, how fantastic can it be?

Then a queue sprouted out at their latest outlet at 313@Somerset, I rolled my eyes when I walked past the shop and couldn't believe my eyes.  A month plus ago, my colleague went to them and bought a set meal that consist of 3 chicken wings, 3 drumlettes, a coleslaw and a drink for $10+.  She wasn't happy about the price but she wanted to try the wings.  She was kind enough to share a small mid wing with me.  After I tasted the chicken I finally understand what the craze was about.  It's all gotta do with the crispiness of the chicken and the spiciness of the sauce. Did I mention that the midget chicken with its little meat was a tad dry?  I pat pat my chest in my mind and thought to myself "Heng arh or Luckily, I did not pay for these expensive wings."

Having said that, I have to admit I couldn't get those damn wings out of my mind! I salivates as I remember the crunch while I bite into the wings and the spicy sauce that meet my tongue. MMmmm~~~ However, I will never pay such prices for those wings, ever!

So I turned to the internet and search for copycat recipes, I was not disappointed.  I found a few but I decided to go with The Talentadong Chef's Korean Fried Chicken recipe.  

Even though the recipe calls for wings and drumlettes I made mine using only mid wings because I'm not a drumlette fan.  The wings are mixed and seasoned with onion, garlic, soy sauce, salt and pepper and thrown into the fridge to be marinated overnight.  I hate to admit it but the cooking of these fried chicken was made with a few blunders.  

Blunder #1 
I was supposed to remove them from the fridge like 30mins before cooking but I was so caught up with the preparation & cooking of other dishes that it slipped my mine till the very minute I need to cook it.

I let the wings sit on the kitchen counter top while I took my own sweet time to prepare the breading and the sauce.  The reason that I picked this recipe is because it calls for ketchap in the sauce, which is great for the kids. I added a tablespoon of Korean chili paste in the bowl for the adults for that fiery taste.  

Blunder #2
I have a pot of oil that DinoPapa used to fried something (I forgot what was it), I decided not to waste the oil and used it to fry my wings.  Wrong choice... after double frying my wings turned out to be overly tanned with uneven color.  *Sigh* My only consolation is - No one will see it after I coat it with the sauce HA!

Blunder #3
It was slightly past our usual dinner time, I sort of panicked a little bit (I rarely panick though) and missed out a step, I almost sit in the kitchen and cry!  I was supposed to saute the garlic and ginger plus simmer the sauce till it thickens before coating the wings with it. That's why you see the rare garlic in the photo.  Luckily the sauce tasted fantastic, thicken or not.  *Phew*

I sent the dishes out to the dining table with 7 famished adults & kids, without telling them that its a "failed" dish.  They started dinner, while they sink their teeth into the chicken wings I held my breathe and only able to breath again when they showed me the thumbs up.

Although the secret to the yummilicious chicken wings lies on the double frying and the sauce, the seasoning plays a part too. The meat has a garlicky taste when I bite into it and I guarantee you that my wings has more juice than those sold in that store.  Next time perhaps I will try to see if I can get the same result by using the air fryer to fry the wings.

Try the Talentadong Chef's recipe and let me know if they taste the same or better than the ones bought from that famous store.

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