Thursday, March 31, 2016

My Little Pony Friendship Run 2016

On 28 February 2016 more than 5,000 people participated in Singapore's first My Little Pony Friendship Run, held at Sentosa Palawan Green.  It was a huge success and we were honoured to be part of this event!

When I got to know about this race I was excited because DinoBoy had been bugging me to "let's do more runs" since last year but none were happening around that time.  This run will be our first family run in 2016 and we hope it will be a start to many run/race we will be going in near future.  However, when I told the boy that "Its My Little Pony", he gave me a face like "are you kidding me MOM?!" and exclaimed "It's a GIRL cartoon MOM!  You can't possibly want me to run with the GIRLS right?"  After some explanation and persuasion he finally O-kayed after he knows that some of my friends' sons and their dad are going,  AND~  they are also wearing the Pony tee too.

There were 3 categories for the run and we went for the 4km Fun Run as its the non competitive category for parent and child.

On that day, we reached slightly early and grabbed our breakfast before we head off to the registration.  There were so many people at the Beach Station wearing the MLP race tee.  There were some who came with colorful tutus, tattoos, hairband with pony ears etc.  See the photos taken on that day at Pink Apple Events' page.

We were waiting for the 4km Fun Run to start when DinoBoy started to do his stretching exercise, no doubt a serious matter by looking at his stern face.  And that was the last time I saw him because a short while later he went off to the front of the line with Mama Amie's hubby and kids.

Can you spot the boy?

Since its a friendship run, I am running with Mama Amie & her son, we decided to be each other's run buddy.  The wacky me make sure that we pose for photos when ever we see the event's photographers along the route. We met and managed to pose for a photo with Ai Okasan too~  We saw many friends at the run too~  Truly a Friendship Run for us.

The route consisted of four fun-filled zones - Bubbles in the Air, Sparkle Zone, Rainbow Zone and the “Say Cheese” Zone - before crossing the finish line. The only zone I remembered is Bubbles in the Air and Rainbow Zone coz the bubbles are too pretty to miss and the balloons are scary to me that I have to dash under the balloon arches hoping at each seconds that no balloons will blow up above me.

I managed to finish the 4km, not a single thought of giving up crossed my mind, thanks to my running buddies, even though they have better stamina than me they accompanied me to walk/stroll most of the time.  The mini races I had with the little fella along the way helps to make me forget about the tiredness and pushed on happily.

There were some activities and game booths in the PonyVille Marketplace, we only went for this, I managed to hit all the tins off the table and won a small prize.  It was such a fun day, I looked around and every one seems to be busy doing something but every one are holding on to at least one MLP merchandise.  Its a great gathering for both young and old MLP fans.

The highlight of the day must be when Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash came onto the stage to meet their fabulous fans~  Every one went wild and cheered when they came out, they danced and had so much fun with the ponies.

As you can see, the boy is mighty pleased with himself for finishing the 4km run, even though in his own words "my stamina is still not good, I have to stop and rest for a few times before continuing.".  I am proud of his achievement though because at that time his school was just beginning to train for the students for their IPPT 1.6km run, his 4km run that day was seriously a accomplishment that deserve a shoutout.

Even though it is the first My Little Pony Run, I must say it is well organised. There were ample activities and games to keep the little ones occupy, they were also showing the M:P animated series on a tv (though next time they could use a bigger screen tv) which made some kids glued to the tv.  I also like that they placed cut-outs of the ponies around the main area, they were of average kids height and perfect for a great photo for them.  I love the 4 zone ideas (because I can take it as an excuse to rest lol), coz it creates some fun and playfulness to part of the run, very pony like i think.  Oh I love the volunteers!  Those that I meet along the run route were cheering us on, giving us high fives and throwing encouraging words to us.  That is really a morale booster!  Good job guys!  We hope you will be there cheering us in the next My Little Pony Run!

Disclaimer : We were invited to take part of the My Little Pony Friendship Run 2016 with a waiver of our registration fee for the purpose of this post. All opinions in this post All official photos are copyright to My Little Pony Friendship Run 2016, the other photos belongs to The DinoFamily, you may not take them for personal use without permission from us. No other compensation was received.


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