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Easter Eggstravaganza at Universal Studios Singapore

The 1 week March school term break came n went like a whirlwind, how did you spend it with your family?  DinoBoy went out with friends and had a great day at Sentosa, I was unable to join them because of work commitment.  However we made up for it a week later over the Good Friday weekend, we went to Universal Studios Singapore and had a blast of time at their Easter Eggstravaganza~

With the intention of spending a FULL day at the park, we started early and reached Universal Studios Singapore at 10.12am (the Park opens at 10am) but there were already 4 long queues in front of the gates!  The tourists are earlier than us!  We didn't want to waste any more time and joined the queue immediately.

Now, when you are there it seems like it is a MUST to photo with the famous USS globe but we didn't want to leave our queue.  So we tried to take a welfie with the globe while queueing and guess what... our 1 and only shot was photo bombed... zzzz zzz zzz......  Never mind there is always a next time to take photo with that famous globe.

BTW, word of advice, buy your tickets online to avoid queuing to purchase them at the park because some days the queue at the ticketing counter is mad long and you really really do not want to waste precious time queuing to get tickets to enter the park.  We also bought Express Unlimited tickets because base on our past experience its either spending $70 per pax for the express tickets or waiting in queue for at least an hour for each rides.

After collecting our tickets & the Easter Eggstravaganza card at the retail store we started our adventure excitedly~  And guess who we saw the minute we turned the corner literally?  Its Bob, Stuart and Kevin!  We just have to take a photo with these 3 lovable minions!  And the kids reminded me why I find Minions a little bit annoying when they went on and on like this...

I say "Hello!"
You say "Bello!"

I posted this in my instagram, not too difficult to guess where we are heading. This is the #1 ride in all of our list that day and we made a bee line to it after the photo shoot with the Minions. And we took a total of 4 rides that day!  Thanks to the Express Unlimited ticket We also discovered that we will have a different experience and view of the 3D effects when we sit at different seats in EVAC.  For example, at the end of the ride, Optimus Prime will be either talking to you facing you directly or looking at you side way.  The next time you are there, watch out for it and let us know if you managed to see the difference too.

Look! We met Optimus Prime and Bumble Bee in person! *Squeals in delight*  I'm pretty impress with these 2, instead of standing there not moving and waiting for the people to walk up to them and pose for photos they were actually moving around, interacting with those in queue.  Bumble Bee was busy giving high-fives to the crowd and dancing to the funky music at the same time.

Remember we purchased the Easter Eggstravaganza tickets?  We received a play card as the one C is holding in the photo below, we are supposed to go around the park to locate the eggs, once we found the egg we peeled off the egg sticker and stick it on the correct location.  Complete the hunt with the correctly matched egg stickers and receive an exclusive Minion Easter Egg filled with candies~

We had a "misadventure", we were determined to try out all the rides in the park except for Battlestar Galactica because of obvious reason and also this Mama is not a roller coaster fan.  It slipped our mind that Revenge of the Mummy is also another No-No ride because its a mad roller coaster ride in pitch dark that is filled with sudden dip or drop from a height, or being pulled back and sudden surge forward in crazy speed.  

C reluctantly followed us but not without showing concerns in her face, she kept saying she don't want to take the ride but we assured her that it's nothing scary, just a normal roller coaster ride.  However, I also had a nagging feeling when we were entering the building but I pushed it back thinking that perhaps the mysterious looking Egyptian statues and drawings around us.  When the ride enters into darkness, my heart sank and I thought to myself "OH SHIT!" before plunging into the pit.  I screamed in fear on top of my voice during those few mins and I am pretty sure my face is as white as sheet when we emerge from the ride. C was crying uncontrollably because it was too dam scary!!!! I felt so guilty for urging her to go on the ride with us, both of us should have stayed outside and wait for them.

After some hugging and me apologizing, she felt better, BUT there's nothing an ice cream can't fix~  We all had one each to calm our nerves, reminding ourselves that we will NEVER go near this place every again!

It was nearing our buffet time (there are only 2 slots 1.00am – 12.30pm, 1.30pm – 3.00pm) and we headed off to Far Far Away to look for Casa Del Wild.

Don't expect a great spread but the food are definitely tasty and satisfying, but who would want to fill their stomach to the max when we will be running around and on rides?  I wouldn't want to risk puking every thing out while on the roller coaster.    Having said that, you should try the Nonya Laksa, Creamy Cauliflower & Potato Gratin with Turkey Ham and Chicken Lollipop with BBQ Sauce. Read more about the food being served over here.

Oh another thing to note, the price you pay for the buffet lunch does not includes drinks.  We discovered that only when we were at the cashier and was told to top up $3 each for free flow of drinks.  We weren't very happy about it but of course we paid for it because it was a scorching hot day and we were all dying of thirst!  It makes me wonder why would you charge $38+ for adult and $28+ for child for the buffet that does not includes drink?  Where do you expect patrons to get drinks when outside food & drinks are not allowed?  Perhaps that's the reason why there is a pushcart selling cold drinks just outside the restaurant (a bottled of chilled mineral water cost a whopping $3 from the pushcart).   

Photo Credit : RWScoop
Before you leave the cashier to hunt for a table, you will received 4 eggs, the kids may go to the craft area within the restaurant to decorate their eggs.  They will be able to bring the egg back once the paint dries up.  

And while the kids were busy painting the eggs, the mummies were relaxing at the table eating the food and taking photos with the Madagascar gang!

The Easter Eggstravagaza package also includes a 30 mins or so live musical stageshow “An unEGGspected Wedding” .  Its a hilarious and entertaining show about the whimsical Egg Lord and his arranged marriage to an undisclosed suitor in order to save his royal standing.  

Following the show, we were lead to Eggingham Gardens where we get up close and personal with photo opportunity with the Easter-exclusive characters Humpty Dumpty, the Egg Lord and The Easter Bunny.

Easter Bunny

Egg Lord 

Humpty Dumpty

When it ended, we were just in time to catch the Hollywood Dream Parade where we were being dazzled by the characters from Madagascar, Revenge of the Mummy®, Jurassic Park and Shrek.  

When Puss in Boots Giant Journey was launched last year, I wanted to pay it a visit but put it off till I simply forget about it. Even though I wasn't a roller coaster fan; both mild or mad crazy death threatening ones, I was willing to bite the bullet for the sake of the boy and we went onto it not once but TWICE!  Even though its a pretty gentle ride, the ride up to the top of the tower still gives me the heebie jeebies.  It's like the calm before the plunge or sudden dip on most roller coasters but instead we surges forward and out of the tower!

It was an enjoyable ride, I even shake my body to Lady Gaga's Americano together with Puss and Kitty Softpaws when they managed to save the orphanage.  There were a few sudden stops through the ride and it was unpleasant to me because my stomach got knocked against the lap bar a couple of times, giving me queasy feeling and an sudden urge to purge out from my mouth.  YUCKS!  Lucky that did not happened.

Besides the above we also spent some time at The Lost World where we rode the Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure twice and the kids rode on Dino Soaring ride.  No photos for those because we put our bags & everything in the locker provided as we didn't want to risk our bags and cameras getting wet while going on the rapids adventure.  The $4 locker fee is for minimum an hour's rental thus we decided to leave them there till we are done.  We also went for the Shrek 4D Adventure, joining Shrek and Donkey in rescuing Princess Fiona.  That place is too dark to take any decent photos.  We missed out a few performance because of timing but nevertheless, we still had enormous fun that day.

Oh about the egg hunting, don't worry that you will be unable to hunt for the eggs and sit on the rides at the same time because you can do both effortlessly!  Our priority was to play hard at the park, going for all rides & shows that we fancied, we still managed to finish searching for the eggs even though it took us the whole day to do so.  Some of the eggs are so well hidden and some were is such a position that only visible through a child's view (clever eh USS?).

If you are thinking of letting your child have a last burst of fun before studying for the mid year exam, I strongly suggest that you head off to Universal Studios Singapore to have a full day of thrill & excitement.  Do join in the Easter Eggstravaganza egg hunt too for extra fun.  Hurry!  You have till 17th April 2016 to join in the Easter Eggstravaganza fun!  Book your tickets over here.


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