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FABLife - Finely Cup Curve Series Wireless Shaping Bra Lingerie

Confession & Aplogies : This post took longer than usual to finish because I was hesitant. If you have been following us, you'll know that I have a stringent guideline & requirement when I am doing product review because I feel a sense of responsibility towards the public.  I always believe that I should write about these products with 100% true review with ample sharing of photos of results.  When I receive this product I was so sure that I could do it without breaking any sweat. and true to that it was not too difficult to pen down my thoughts about it.  

However, when I was getting ready to put it on and take photo I started to hesitate, suddenly I wasn't feeling comfortable showing the world the intimate part of my body. I struggled and tried to overcome it for weeks and months but simply just could not.  A couple of times I was even thinking of returning the product but I love it too much to go of it (sucker of fine lingerie lol).  This hurdle even held up all my other product reviews, I just couldn't move on without finishing this.  

When I got chased about the review again I knew I had to get it out this second!  So I did a last minute adjustment to my post, sharing photos of very part of the bra instead, and so here is the review post.

My sincerest apologies to FABLife for the delay and not doing a perfect job on this review, and to all of you for not giving my best, this will not happen in the future.

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when your lingerie fits perfectly everything feels beautiful which in turn allows you to be at your sexiest most confident self at all times.
I bet all women will agree to the above but how many of us make the effort to allow that to happen?

Introducing my latest lingerie love - FabLife's Finely Cup, non underwired lace-licious bra series that promise to give you the confident every day.

In the past years I have purchased non underwired bra of different brands, although it gives the required support and enhancement to my breast there is always a thing or two that stops me from buying from them after the bra ran out of shape.  Either the overall design is suffocating  after long wear or the lace feels scratchy against my skin.

I can confidently share that my first encounter with Finely Cup non underwired Curve Series C1218 (UP SGD110.00) was both positive and awesome!

Non underwired? How is it possible?
You must be wondering how could a non underwired bra support and have the push up effect?  Ah~~ modern bra is no longer as simple as it look, there are many things at work at the same time in that seemingly small piece of clothing.

Let's take a peek at the inside of the cups first, which is made up of soft cotton lining and spandex padding.  That piece of seamless loose fabric at the bottom of the cup is cut in accordance to the curve of the breast to give that superior lift.  The 3D memory padding reshapes your breast so that it is no longer sagging.

A Must Mention feature - The inside of the cup is made with lightweight ultra soft pearl fabric material that promotes blood circulation with whitening effects.  Superb pampering for our breasts~

The deep V vest design ensures that the breast tissue stays put at the chest area (psst~ this will definitely increase your cup size).  The U shaped back design not only gives ample support but it distributes the fats evenly thus preventing ugly bulges.

The soft lace of daisy and lavender design makes the bra looks exquisite, the lace extends further from the the shoulder all the way to the back, giving the sexy feel and look.  Those flowery lace edges does not feels scratchy nor irritates my delicate skin.  

The band is made with the softest spandex which I couldn't stop touching it.  The side band of 11cm high and a thicker back band not only provide ample overall support but also prevents muffin top under the arm or at the back.

Here are MORE reasons to love Finely Cup
  • Non wired/seamless for full comfort and outline invisibility
  • Proper shaping and adjustment of bust by effective “gathering” of breasts.
  • Sweat absorbent and breathable
  • Great fit, support and lift.
  • Prevention of breast sagging, and breast going sideways, and helps to shape the “double” meat on the side chest.
  • Gentle, skin-friendly and super soft
  • Flexible and elastic
  • Improves breast shape and breast fat position
  • Prevent and battle breast-related diseases.

When you put on a Finely Cup bra, all the above mechanics are pampering your breasts to ensure they are healthy and beautiful instead of being saggy or sad looking.

Not convincing enough?  Look at all the Finely Cup bra testimonials from other women over here and believe it!

Let's flaunt our most prized assets from today onwards, get your hands on Finely Cup sexy lingerie and become the confident women that YOU supposed to be!

FabLife have a whole range of shaping products that will help you achieve that to-die-for hour glass body with perfect bust.  With so many style and designs, there is one that will surely catch your eye, head off to their website to take a look now.

Last but not least, to get the utmost effect from Finely Cup bra, first you have to get the correct bra size according to your boobs and wearing it correctly, then you will definitely be showing the world your well supported & shaped with deep cleavage boobs that all your girlfriends will envy.  

Don't know how to measure your bra size or wear it the right way?  Read on~

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"Are you wearing the right size bra?"
This seems to be the tag line all bra lingerie brands use in their advertisement since decades ago to get women to pay more attention to their most prized asset - the breasts.  You would have think that women finally gotten their acts together and most will be wearing bra that enhances their boobs.  Wrong!  There are still a significant number of women who are still wearing ill fitted bra.

Physical signs of wearing wrong sized bra
There are usually tell tale signs that there is something wrong with our bra but most of the time we ignore it because we thought we are wearing supposedly the correct size bra so these signs are common issue with all women.  However, if a piece of garment feels uncomfortable or irritable to you than you should not continue to wear it.

The following infograph shows the common tell-tale signs.

Other significant signs are;
- irritation under the breast
- there is space between the cup edges and your breasts
- armpit boobs
- readjustment of bra through the day
- band is squeezing your back
- ribs and backache
- back fats

Get the right FIT!
Gone are the days where bandeau tops or silk handkerchiefs cover and protect the breasts, modern day women need a bra that hold and shapes their breast in the most attractive way.

A well fitting bra prevents the breasts from sagging, going out of shape, it also helps to improve your posture and prevent pulling of ligament caused by breast bounce during exercise. 

Below is a inforgraph taken from Triumph that shows 3 steps in determining your bra size and cup.

Wearing a bra is not as simple as just putting it on and covering your breasts, it's a lot more complicated than that. 

#1 Wearing it
Slip your arms through the respective arm hole, lean about 45deg forward, let your breast fall into the cup and clasp the bra in the back.  Wear your new bra by hooking it to the out most set of hooks so as it stretches over time you can tighten it by hooking to the next inner set of hooks.

#2 Scoop, Swoop & Smooth
Still bending, with the opposite hand scoop and swoop the breast tissue away from your armpit and into the bra cup. 
Stand up straight, with the pointing finger smooth the breast tissue along the edges of the bra cup.

#3 Adjustment
Raise your arms up above your head, the bra should not ride up.
Adjust the bra strap by moving the slider up or down to tighten or loosen it. 
Adjust the bra band to ensure that it is parallel to the floor and is resting under your shoulder blade.

#4 The 2 Finger Rule
For a final check for that perfect fit, use the 2 Finger Rule.

Place 2 fingers underneath the band at the back, it should fit comfortable.  If it don't this means that you are wearing the bra a size too small, if you are are able to stretch the band a few inches away from your back, it means that your bra is too big.

Slide 2 fingers along your bra strap towards your shoulder, it should stretch comfortably, adjust the strap accordingly till it fit.

If you are still unsure about the above steps, watch the following video on wearing the bra correctly, it is a bit sensual but bear with it and watch it till the end.

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If you do not feel confident in measuring your own bra size give Alice from FABLife a tinker to book a private fitting session with her.

883 North Bridge Road
#13-02  SouthBank
Singapore 198785

Disclaimer : We were invited to a private gathering at FABLife's flagship store to have first hand experience on their products for the purpose of this post. All opinions in this post are 100% ours and based on our user experience of the products. All photos in this post belongs to The DinoFamily, you may not take them for personal use without our prior permission.


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