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Arts in Your Neighbourhood - 07 to 24 March 2019

The 12th edition Arts in Your Neighbourhood (AYN) is coming to an end and the last leg has started on 7 March 2019 and will end on 24 March 2019, this time the focus town is Tampines – Singapore’s third largest new town, once a rubber plantation at the turn of the 20th century, and home to sand quarries for a long time.

Though it is only 3 weeks in Tampines, expect loads of arts activities happening around the neighbourhood, there is definitely something for everyone! Get the programme booklet over here.

Here's what we will try to catch during the March school term break, hope to see you there too!

Music on the Move by Ding Yi Music Company
Both DinoBoy and I agree that this has to be on THE TOP of the list and will definitely join in the fun because we are fans~ 

Look out for a musical truck around Tampines, with a pop-up stage and vibrant music performances! These music performances will be featuring new compositions by young and old residents of  Tampines, inspired by a trip around the neighbourhood led by a historian and composer.

There will be 2 performances (no tickets needed) at 2 locations in Tampines, let's all gather to enjoy some Chinese chamber music uniquely to Dingyi Music Company.  

Do note that fringe activities starts at 5pm so head on down early, perhaps you can get up close and personal with the musicians and their musical instruments.

17 Mar 2019 (Sun)
Performance at 6pm
Tampines, Carpark at Blk 872A Street 86

23 Mar 2019 (Sat)
Performance at 6pm
Tampines Community Plaza

About the Artist
Established in 2007, Ding Yi Music Company 鼎艺团 is devoted to showcasing a vast repertoire ranging from traditional Chinese music to contemporary avant-garde interpretations and cross-genre works to the audience. The group of talented and award-winning musicians will be led by conductor Wong De Li for this AYN programme.

Familiar Favourite by Singapore Symphony Orchestra Brass Ensemble
What can some trumpets, trombones, French horns or cornets do when they gather together?  Spectacular pieces with superb performance of course!

Pause for a moment in the midst of your weekend rush to experience the classical music of the Singapore Symphony Orchestra’s brass ensemble. From Baroque splendour to golden classics, to brilliant energy-filled film music played live in bite-sized pieces, these pop-up performances are perfect for busy commuters on the go.

17 Mar 2019 (Sun)
Performance at 7pm
Our Tampines Hub (Festive Plaza)

About the Artist
Founded in 1979, the Singapore Symphony Orchestra (SSO) is Singapore’s flagship orchestra, touching lives through classical music. SSO celebrates 40 years of music-making in 2019.

Acoustic Transformers by Rekupertou
I love "quirky" musical performance and I applause people who chooses this kind of performance because they need to put in extra effort to entertain and appeal to their audience with an unconventional  performance while ingesting some strange and/or funny traits.  Not an easy job!

The Acoustic Transformers is a group of five musicians who interpret varying musical styles such as reggae, calypso and salsa with a unique twist! Featuring covers as well as original music, the band uses instruments made from recycled materials and other quirky objects.

Come experience the “tubatong”, played with flip flops, or the “piti pa” which produces sounds made by stainless steel dishes. Be prepared for a surprising new orchestral experience!

22 Mar 2019 (Fri)
Performance at 5pm & 7pm
Our Tampines Hub (Festive Plaza)

About the Artist
Rékupertou is a French music and theatre company from Nantes, France, with extensive experience in multi-faceted music composition and instrument-making. Recycling elements from trash is a main theme in their spectacular musical and educational endeavours.

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Here are some of the activities that we find interesting and may interest you too.

Charlotte and the Time Machine by Spot Pocket Opera Theatre

Charlotte is a curious time traveller on her way to witness the arrival of Sir Stamford Raffles in 1819 Singapore. However, due to her malfunctioning time machine, she ends up on a musical adventure across different time periods, encountering everything from classic tunes by Mozart to familiar soundtracks from the Bugs Bunny cartoons.

Expect a bubbly good time with 3 time-traveling operatic singers and a hat-changing music ensemble. Young audiences will be roped in to help perform on stage, while adults can expect to be surprised by their own knowledge of opera!

17 Mar 2019 (Sun)
Performance at 5pm
Our Tampines Hub (Festive Plaza)

About the Artist
Spot Pocket Opera Theatre (SPOT) is a chamber western opera company that consists of locally-based operatic singers, resident musicians in the SPOT Music Ensemble, and a crucial team of media artists, playwright and volunteers. SPOT has performed in many unconventional spaces, as well as for dignitaries both locally and in Malaysia.

Off Cuts Tea House by HF/DF

Take shelter in a place of meeting and contemplation within cosmopolitan Singapore, in this Japanese tea-house made entirely out of recycled and repurposed plastic, steel and wood off-cuts. The tea-house is made to measure the same as an HDB Bomb Shelter – a consistent unit across the island. Enter the space, brew a cup of tea and contemplate nature through a single window and the urban city through the other.

A commission for Arts in Your Neighbourhood, in collaboration with DesignSingapore Council.

This programme is in conjunction with Singapore Design Week 2019.

About the Artist
HF/DF is an interdisciplinary collaboration between artist Gerald Leow and design studio In the Wild. They create spatial experiences, three dimensional objects and installations that intersect between the fields of art and design. All objects are uniquely created within the artist’s studio, a city fabrication lab that embodies interdisciplinary thinking, making and exploration.

7 – 24 March 2019
Tampines Community Plaza

Interactive performance by tea sommelier Kenny Leong
9 -10, 16-17 March from 4pm - 6pm

( , ) Sense: Tampines Curated by Dr Wang Ruobing

( , ) Sense: Tampines is a public art project that injects a sense of humour and play into the experience of the everyday through fun and interactive contemporary art.

The project presents 5 new artworks that offer playful both body and mind to take a closer look at their surroundings and interact with others around them.  This is a commission by the National Arts Council’s Public Art Trust.

About the Curator
Dr Wang Ruobing (Singapore) is an artist and curator who currently teaches at the LASALLE College of the Arts. Her research examines questions of identity, hybridity and transcultural discourses with a focus on contemporary art in China and Southeast Asia.


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