Friday, August 18, 2017

Rise and Shine Festival 2017

Rise & Shine Festival is celebrating their 5th birthday this year in August and they strive to continue their mission of helping parents build champions of tomorrow and raising happier, healthier, brighter children!

For this special installment, they are collaborating with LEGO to bring together the LARGEST Learn Through Play Festival!
  • Largest LEGO “learn through play” fun space
  • Four fun education zones – discovery, play, shine and learn
  • Over 20 Kids Trial Workshops
  • Educational health masterclasses for parents led by Singapore Paediatric Society
  • Storytelling and reading programmes by National Library Board (NLB)
Here are some of the events you can expect to see during the event.

1. LEGO® Amazing Experience Zones (NEW)
Interactive LEGO® pop-up event

a. Singapore's Largest Family Building Competition
Take part in Singapore's Largest LEGO® building competition for families and win up to $400 worth AMAZING LEGO® prizes and more! There are limited space available at the competition pit so pre-registration is required.

1st: $400 LEGO® set
2nd: $200 LEGO® set
3rd: $100 LEGO® set

Ticket price: $5 (each participant will receive a gift bag worth $20)

b. MEGA LEGO® Pit Stop
Kids get to build their own LEGO® Race cars and put it to a speed test on the racing ramp.

Limited space available, pre-registration is required. Registration is free. (no prizes/ gift bags for this segment)

Sign up for free at:
Bring along the confirmation email for entry

2. Mission Pass (NEW)
The Mission Pass offers kids access to a full day of fun games & exciting activities where they can learn and play at the same time.

It is a fun-filled journey of over 30 stops where kids can learn through play by participating in activities to either

1) Find things
2) Make things
3) Learn about things!

Kids who completed the pass can redeem a goodie bag worth $50- only valid for the 1st 3000 successful completion.

Mission Pass Exclusive Activities:
Experience go-karting like no other! Let junior experience the thrill of car racing in a controlled and safe environment at our super awesome mini circuit!

Put on your thinking cap and get on a mad science adventure and explore the world of logic!

Featured activities:
• Create REAL snow
• Make ice cream from nitrogen
• Make super gooey slime
• Formulate polymer worms
• Magnetic tricks
• Puzzle solving games
• & more!

It’s time to get crafty and bring home beautiful art pieces your child has created! If your child loves to perform too, be sure to try out these exciting activities!

Featured activities:
• Design a bracelet with your name
• Create watercolour master pieces
• Make nursery rhyme themed finger puppets
• Hands-on experience on musical instruments
• Wii Family Dance Station
• & more!

Sports can be fun! Try out these mini circuits for some adrenaline-pumping actions!

Featured activities:
• Softball try out for kids
• Mini friendly football match
• Junior Gym session
• & more!

Bring along the confirmation email for entry

3. Superhero VS Super Villain Dress Up Competition (NEW)
Come as an individual or with parents! Get dressed up in your favourite gear, and strut down the runway! Win up to $300 worth of prizes!

Age 3 – 6 years old
Competition Date: 25 August 2017, Friday
Time: 11.30am - 12.00pm
Venue: Big Stage @ Rise & Shine Festival 2017

Age 7 – 10 years old
Competition Date: 26 August 2017, Saturday
Time: 5.00pm – 5.30pm
Venue: Big Stage @ Rise & Shine Festival 2017

Bring along the confirmation email for entry. Each participant receive goodie bag worth $20.

4. Education Fair
Besides the activities for kids, parents looking out for enrichment classes can also enjoy exclusive discounts during the event.  Not forgetting the crazy toys & books sale where parents can enjoy up to 80% discounts. Major bands like

5. Kids workshops
Parents can enrol their kids in a short interactive workshop in Yoga, Dance, Speech, Music, Memory techniques.

Rise & Shine Festival- Asia’s Largest Edu-Fun Fest!
Date: 25 – 27 August 2017
Venue: Suntec Convention Centre, Halls 401 - 404
Time: Opens 11am daily

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

11th Birthday Party @ Tag Team Downtown East

It has been years since we last celebrated DinoBoy's birthday with family and friends, partly due to financial situation, partly because I was stretched out by work and family commitment plus coaching DinoBoy on his school work (yes, I just have to mention that because I truly hate his mountain of school work), leaving me little energy to do anything else.

This year as the school preps the students for PSLE next year, it seems that he haven't had enough time to rest or take a breather as the teachers are piling the students with loads of work, there were always some homework from one of the subjects daily.  We played a lot more lesser which I wasn't happy about it so I decided that on his birthday he should have a day of maximum fun with his cousins and friends!

Venue - Tag Team Singapore
I was asking among friends about the birthday parties they hosted for their kids, most of them mentioned indoor playground or a simple buffet at home for family & friends which wasn't quite what I was looking for this time.  Then Mummy Edlyn mentioned that she hosted Ethan's birthday party at Tag Team Singapore not long ago.  I went to their website, liked what I saw and contacted them immediately through their website to inquire about available slots at their Downtown East venue.  Talking about efficiency, I was surprised to received a whatsapp message from them the next day! That's not all, throughout the following month up till the day before our party, they were responsive to my queries in whatsapp too.  I even received a reminder email on my "date" with them 2 days before the party.

Frankly speaking, I was a little worried after I made payment to them because I have never seen this place before and know nothing much except from the website and what was shared with me by Mummy Edlyn.  I was so afraid that they have "forgotten" my booking n mess it up.  I initially planned to do a site visit but I did not managed to find time to do it, the reminder email finally sets my mind to ease.

And just like that, it was all done.  We made booking for their 2 hour Multi Equipment Laser Tag package @ SGD450 (peak hours) that includes an hour of 4 missions play time and 1 hour for usage of their party room for food and beverages.

Remember earlier I mentioned that I have never been to Tag Team Down?  On the actual day we went there 30mins earlier than our slot @ 11am thinking that we could settle in while waiting for the guests to arrive BUT they are not open yet, apparently their operating hours starts at 11am *opps!*   They were very kind to let us in while they are busy setting things up to start their day.

Opps! We were too early! See the roller shutter on the right? hehehe~

We did a little exploration while trying not to get in their ways as they check the guns etc to ensure that they are in working conditions. I was expecting a huge room or even a few rooms but instead there was only 1 big area with foamed obstacles. The photo below shows the right side of the room, you can see the left side and the entire area in the video. Not a huge space but I think for the kids it is good enough for them to run around.

There is a party room big enough to fit in about 15 adults comfortably, with a 3 seater sofa and some metal benches around the room.  A cozy little place for game break and food later.  The best part about this place is that it's fully air conditioned! 

When every one's arrived it is time to start the party!  Oh wait!  Before all the kids all dashed into the room they had to sit quietly and listen to the facilitator for a 10-15mins of Mission Briefing where the facilitator introduced to all the equipment or laser guns that the kids will be using during the 1 hour laser tag game.

The following Safety instructions were also given out.
  • No Running - quite impossible but I guess if its not mindless dashing it is ok.
  • No Physical Contact - means no body slamming, no using the laser guns to hit friends
  • No Moving of Obstacles - eh no picking up the foam blocks and throwing at the opponents okay!
In case you are wondering, the laser gun uses the infra red technology much those you seen in your remote controls, so you aim and "shoot" at the sensor on the Sensor Belt to "kill", and the belt will vibrate when you are "hit".

As the birthday boy DinoBoy was given the privilege to choose his team mates and he picked those sitting next or close to him hahaha~ clever boy!  No need to ponder or think who to choose.  So the kids get into their respective team; Blue Team and Red Team, together with the 2 facilitators who is in charge of each team, they entered the room eagerly and the 1st game started.

Even though there are only 2 facilitators, they were able to control the kids, even managed to break up a little squabble among the kids in short time.  Of course, the kids were well behaved too, they know to give and take so that every one can have fun together.  Good job kids!  I am so proud of all of you!

Having said that, it was still chaos and "war like" in the room with the kids screaming, squealing, shouting, laughing at the top of their voice.  It was challenging to take photo, besides being too dark for clear images, every time I aim my camera at them, the next second they ran off and the frame only captures blur images or the foam structures.  So videos are better to capture the fun they had at that time. I am sure the adults standing at the side watching them are enjoying themselves too.

Judging from the kid's expressions in this photo I am sure they had enormous fun that day! It was further validated when DinoBoy told me that they were talking about it on the following school day.  I am so glad that I made the decision to go ahead with this party at the last minute, now DinoBoy will have a great memory of his 11th Birthday. 

Now that you read about our party at Tag Team Downtown East, read about Mummy Edlyn's post on her experience with Tag Team Singapore East Coast Park over here.  We have provided you with the "virtual" view of both locations on our post to make the decision on the venue easier for you *wink*

Note : Tag Team Downtown East is tucked away in a corner on level 4 of E!Hub Pasir Ris.  You have to walk towards the Cathay cinema ticketing counter, turn left and walk further in to reach the place.

Besides the Multi Equipment Laser Tag, Tag Team Singapore has other activities too.  For the older kids perhaps they can try the Virtual and Mixed Reality Laser Tag.  They also do customized events for both indoor and outdoor venue all over Singapore.  Do check them out if you are planning for a group fun for your kids or your friends/colleagues.

Tag Team Contact
Downtown East
Telephone: 6385 2065
Email :

East Coast Park
Telephone : 6348 2696
Email :


Invitation Card - Canva
With the venue booked, I proceed with the guest list with DinoBoy and since I do not have any of the mum's contact number, I had to write a simple note about the birthday party for the kids to bring home to their parents. I thought I have to chase the parents but wow~ they are such wonderful parents who replied me days before the RSVP date. Days later, I sent out the birthday invitation card via whatsapp (don't you just love such instant messaging platform!) to all of them. The card looks decent eh? I created it using Canva, an amazing online design software. They have a lot of templates to use or if you are feeling creative you can make one from scratch with their many choices on layout, text etc.

Food & Beverages - Neo Garden Catering
I was so happy that I managed to settle the party venue & guests list from the comfort of my home and workplace that I almost forgot to order food!  And that was like less than a week to the party!  Well!  Here's another efficient company that saved my day!  We have been ordering buffet from Neo Garden Catering during DinoBoy's past birthdays, they had never disappoint us with their food so this time I decided to go back to them again.

Their Mini Buffet attracted me because it starts from a minimum 15 pax with as low as SGD6.50 per pax and also because Mummy Edlyn ordered that and she was satisfied with the food (see, word of mouth is very important!) I decided to opt for that choice.  A day after I placed my order online, I received a call from their sales coordinator to confirm the food ordered and payment arrangement.

It was again a good experience with Neo Garden Catering.  How so?  Well, you know how frustrating and time consuming it is to have to speak to different people regarding our order and repeating the same thing again and again.  With Neo Garden Catering, it was a breeze for me as the same Sales Coordinator handles my order and that makes communication easier and faster too.  Since it's a kids party, I like to make sure the food I ordered are kids friendly, that means not too spicy.  The Sales Coordinator was patient enough to answer my queries and even ensure me that the food is enough for all to enjoy.  When I needed to increase the number of pax 2 days prior to the party there were no issue at all too, it was confirmed immediately over the phone and confirmation emailed to me.   And I receive SMS when my order is confirmed,  credit card payment made and even their delivery man's name and mobile number on that day too!

Do note that the mini buffet does not comes with food warmers, instead they are delivered in a huge food warmer bag.  They are packed nicely in durable decent looking take away containers where you can simply remove the cover and serve the food in a presentable way.  The vegetarian bee hoon we ordered were packed in sturdy tupperware with side locks.

You must be wondering why there weren't any photo of our food.  Well, this Mama was so busy setting up the food and getting the kids to eat that she totally forgotten about it.  Nonetheless, the food received Thumbs Up! from the adults that were there and tasted the food.  Well done again Neo Garden!

Note : Actually there is no need to order exact number of pax for the kids because they are so hyped up with the running and shooting that they weren't in the mood to eat.  Though they drank loads of water because they perspired so much!  Playing is such hard work!

Neo Garden Catering Pte Ltd
1 Enterprise Road,
Singapore 629813

Call Centre Telephone : 6896 7757
Call Center Hours:
Monday – Sunday: 9am to 7pm

Mini Steam Cake - Little Sweet Tooth Bakes
I first got to know about Little Sweet Tooth Bakes when we attended Dumpling's birthday a couple of years ago, her How to Train Your Dragon cakes were something new at that time, most important they were super tasty too!

As they made customized orders, I discussed with DinoBoy and he wanted laser guns, target and the word "Zap!" design on his cake.  I have no idea how the cake will turn out since they do not do sample for me to see but I have total confident in them after seeing their work online and on Dumpling's birthdays.  They really did not disappoint me, look at the cute color fun steam cakes!

We opted for Speculoos Crunchy fillings, the crunch gave texture  to the soft steam cake, added on with their mini size you really cannot stop yourself from popping them into your mouth non stop!  Lucky I ordered 50pcs so there were plenty to go around.  Look at the kids stuffing those delicious cakes into their mouth.  You don't see DinoBoy look so decent, he had 1 cake in each hand that he is hiding behind his back.

Usually Little Sweet Tooth Bakes will take order for bigger size steam cake for candle blowing but the lady boss was away and only back a day before my party so there wasn't enough time to make the bigger piece.  No big issue at all, I simply pop by Spotlight to grab the "Happy Birthday" alphabet candles to stick onto the mini cake.

And how can a party end without the famous Dab pose? Don't know what this is? Where did you go these few years LOL (actually I also don't know what it is till earlier this year hahaha~), read about it over here.

Little Sweet Tooth Bakes

Gifts for Kids - Laser Gun Keychains 
You know how organising a party can really get into your head and you start thinking to add MORE things to it? Well, that's what happened to me, 5 days before the party I thought to myself "Why don't I do a small gift for the kids as a keepsake and remember DinoBoy's fun party whenever they see that gift?"  So I sat down at my work table and made a stuffed toy Laser Gun, add in the keychain and viola!  Simple to do but to make TEN of it in 5 days where I only have like 2-3 hours per night to do, I was really challenging myself to the max.

Regardless, since I started it I have to finish it by hook or by crook.  5 days with 2 sleepless night later 10 beautiful Laser Gun keychains are done!  I attached them to the cute little mini packs of steam cake to be given to the kids at the end of the party.

If you are interested to order these laser guns for your party send a message at my shop Shop of Curios.  I do customized orders of keychains, soft toys, bags, pouches etc too.   

Shop of Curios
Email :

After Thoughts
Having planned the boy's birthdays when he was younger where preparation have to start months before with the start of sourcing stuffs to put in the goodie bags to the ordering food and cake nearer the party day, it was a hassle and a big "investment" especially I have to host birthday celebration at home with the family and in school.  This time it was so much easier and simpler, not to mention pocket friendlier too!  I guess as the children gets older, birthdays are more ABOUT them and FOR them, it does not need to be elaborate, all they need is a place and time where they can have some fun time with friends.  

Now, where should I host his 12th Birthday Party next year? 

Disclaimer : This is not a sponsored post.  We are sharing our experience with the various local companies that makes the boy's birthday party a success.  We hope our party gives you an alternative choices when you are planning for one yourself.  #Supportlocal

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Review of Dreamworks Day 2017

The first ever Dreamworks Day Run in Asia happened on 24 June 2017 at Gardens by the Bay (East), we were honoured to be part of this event.  This is because meaningful to us as we love all of their animation characters!  DinoBoy fell in love with the dragons from How to Train Your Dragon when he watched the animation years ago and like most kids he has his eyes on Toothless.  I have a soft spot for this dragon too and couldn't stop myself from making a Toothless amigurumi or crocheted stuffed toy.  Cute to the max can!  (Let me know if you want this, its available in my shop *wink wink*)

Ok, so we forgot to bring our Toothless that day... I left it on the shelf and forgot about it, should have put it in my bag when I was preparing the day before...  However all's well because when we reached the venue, we were welcomed by a HUGE Toothless cutout, that's enough to give DinoBoy the thrills!

For their first event with carnival, I must say they did quite a good job in providing ample game stalls to entertain every one of all ages.  The prizes available for redemption may not be seen as something great but for die hard fans they are worth more than it's value.  We did not purchase any carnival tickets so we did not play any games but it was fun to watch others try to hit the target to gain some points.

There were food and drinks stall, an area in the centre screening animations (I think it was Kungfu Panda but I may be wrong coz I wasn't paying much attention to it), I was pleasantly surprised that there was a story telling corner to keep the younger kids entertained.

Now, family run is great time to bond but it is much more fun when you run with your friends!  And thank goodness our boys are around the same age, they can entertain each other and race each other on while the Mummies sashay along the way.  The boys were long out of our sight minutes after we crossed the starting point but we are not worried as we have given them specific instruction on safety, made DinoBoy in charge of the group because he is the oldest and told them to "Stick together at all times!".

We finally caught up with them at the hydration station over at Marina Barrage, the queue to take cups of chilled mineral water was snaking long!  The volunteers were trying to be mad fast to pour the chilled bottled mineral water into plastic cups.  Aiyo!  So wasteful and time consuming! They should have just handed out chilled bottled drinks.  Why?  Simply because this is the ONE and ONLY hydration point at around mid point. Every one was thirsty and in need of water, much so when it was a hot and humid later afternoon, every one will at least take 2 cups of water to cool off, imagine, 1 person 2 plastic cups... how many plastic cups were thrown away with just one use? Tsk tsk tsk!

Truth to be told, that day's weather was too hot, too humid and the Sun is too bright!  There wasn't any breeze or wind for most part of the route, we were walking and was perspiring like mad!  Some of the participants were running and I could see that their tee shirt was soaked with perspire.   I wasn't ready to be in their shoes; no pun intended, and was so glad that fellow Mummy Serene and Mummy Edlyn felt the same!  So what did we do?  Like many others, we took loads of welfie, selfies and the beautiful scenery along the bay.  Who could resiste capturing the mesmerising view of our iconic Singapore Flyer, CBD, the domes & Supergrove over at Gardens by the Bay and Marina Bay Sands?  

We had a treat that day too!  There was a NDP 2017 rehersal on that day and we saw the jets and chinooks, possible the ones that will fly pass with our nation's flag on that day.  We also saw 2 navy vessels in water too!  There were even fireworks but my fingers are too slow to capture them on my phone.

And probably an hour plus later we finally reached the finished line, of course the boys reached much earlier than us.  Don't worry, we are not mean Mums who left our boys to fend for themselves, Xav's daddy was with them while waiting for the 3 mummies.

Each of us received a beautiful medal and a cap for finishing the walk *ahem* run.  Though I have a few things that I hope the organizer to improve (see below) I sincerely think that the goodies they gave was one of the best.  Apart from the snacks, drinks & vouchers in the goodie bag, they gave canvas tote bag with Dreamworks Day printed in front, I have been using it when I go out during the weekend.  It's good and sturdy and sometimes I use it to put my groceries after a trip to the supermarket.

Instead of the usual light weight ones made from nylon, Lycra or whatever, Dreamworks Day tee was made of cotton which I like as they are so much cooler and comfortable for me when running during the event.  Frankly I can't wear those light weight tees after the event coz they are too warm to wear at home plus they stuck to me when I perspire.  The Dreamwork Day tee has no such issues and I love it to bits!

Suggestions on Improvements 
1. Gardens by the Bay East is a favourite spot for both cyclists and runners who shares the same pathway, add in the Dreamworks Day participants and it can get a little bit crowded.  Incidentally at some point the same pathway is used by Dreamworks Day participants to run back towards the starting point, so it was really a scenario of fighting for place to run and cycle by all 3 parties.  There were no volunteers to help ease the traffic nor to guide the participants, it was a little pretty chaotic sight.

Perhaps a fence in the middle of the path to separate participants from each direction, this will ensure smooth flow of traffic too.  

Place more volunteers along the route, they not only can guide the participants, they can cheer them on too!  Plus in case of emergency; like participants feeling unwell and needed medical attention, they can approach them to seek help.

2. Its a 5km run with kids of all ages, it was a typical Singapore weather, hot and humid and there was only one hydration station at about half a mark point.  No doubt some will bring their water but with such weather water will probably be finished in no time.   Every one was scampering to get water at the station, some hogged at the table because they wanted more than 1 cup either for themselves or for their family members.  It was a messy sight with long snaking queue and the poor volunteers working as fast as their hands could, spilling water due to the hastiness, such a shame to see such wastage.

How about putting up another hydration station to save us from dying of thirst (hahah!) and easing up the queue?    And running or even walking in the outdoor will make us perspire, we need to hydrate to prevent us from getting a heat stroke.  

*** *** *** *** ***
This is apart from the Dreamworks Day event.

Gardens by the Bay East is located at a "secluded" area that is accessible either by car, public transport or bicycle/motorbike.  During such events, if you don't drive it is a mad long wait to get onto the shuttle service or takes a long time to get a cab via online or phone.  And after a tiring run you really want to get out of the place FAST!  Bear in mind that all the malls are at least a good 20mins walk from there, so plan your exit way, have a good rest after the run so that you will have energy to walk and that you won't suffer a muscle cramp while walking.

We choose to head off to SportsHub, by the time we reached we were officially dead tired and famished!  And since most of the participants came here too either to head home or for dinner, you can imagine the crowd and the long queues outside all the restaurants!  By a strike of luck, we managed to get a table for us 15mins later at Old Street Bak Kut Teh where we tucked into delicious braised pork noodles, scrumptious Bak Kut Teh, braised pork knuckles etc.  Needless to say, every one enjoyed the dinner and are belly-happy!

While walking towards the taxi stand DinoBoy saw the beautiful night scene outside and wanted to take a look.  We took in the gorgeous night skyline, breath in the salty breeze and felt so relaxed, it was such a calming view~ Don't you agree?  And with that image in our mind, we hopped onto the cab and headed home, the boy snoozing in the comfort of the cab with the cooling air con.

Disclaimer : We were invited to take part in Dreamworks Day 2017 for the purpose of this post, no other compensation were received. All photos in this post belongs to The DinoFamily, you may not use them for personal purpose without our permission. All opinions in this post are 100% ours and based on our personal experience at the event.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Review of Voices of the Amazon 2017

Last Friday we went to watch Voices of the Amazon and we enjoyed it a lot albeit a technical fault and about 20mins wait for it to be rectified.  Apparently the lead singer's mic was not working , I was wondering why we barely can hear her voice though it was strong and powerful, I thought it was due to poor sound system (opps!).  After they fixed the issue, instead of taking off from where they left off earlier, I was surprised that the team started the whole performance from the top!  Ok, maybe I am being a noob here so maybe I am wrong but it is still a nice gesture, at least I can watch the story unfold (again) with a flow.

The first scene took us to the place in Amazon river where Beleza lives with her sister Flavia, as we frolicked with them in the water, we could feel the carefree and peaceful life they led.  However, every thing changed when Flavia suddenly became ill and will die if Beleza did not find a cure for her, soon.  So off she went into the unknown world - which is the world above; the land world, in search desperately for the cure to save her beloved sister.

Looking back at the synopsis, I was disappointed that the performance is no where near what it was stated, perhaps like the others said, some parts of the story were not explained or they were mentioned in an understatedly manner.

Regardless, if we throw the synopsis aside, it is a wonderful dance musical that will capture your emotions all the way.  I actually teared when Beleza danced to show her angst and despair when she saw that her sister getting weaker and weaker as days goes by.

I have never been to Amazon, don't think I will ever have a chance in this life (lol) but I got a glimpse into this amazing place from documentaries and Disney animations.  To me, Amazon is full of beautiful colorful animals and insects, mysterious tribes (carnivorous??) with danger lurking every where once darkness falls.  With the absence of huge elaborate stage props and only relying to curtains, shadows, lighting together with the performers and their costumes, we were transported from the lively colorful, charming Amazon day to the deep dark Amazon night.  Such great display of theatrical effect!

The dance score is a fusion of ballet (to which DinoBoy commented "wah! the toes not pain???"), contemporary dance and capoeira.  While the ballet is graceful and contemporary dance is expressive, I especially love the capoeira part!  The fighting scene between the 2 brothers the capoeira style was so full of force and fury that makes me think that they were actually exchanging fist and feet!  And the head spin by one of the "monkey" is superb too!

Accompanying the dancers on stage is a 5 piece live band with piano, cello, percussion and violin, the mixture of these musical instruments brings out the high and low emotions of the story.  Their presence did not interfere with the story nor the performance of the dancers.  It was new to me to see the live band on stage instead of being tucked away in a corner of the theater.  Love the percussion!

It was truly a wonderful experience for DinoBoy since this is the first time he watched modern, contemporary dance musical.  In his own words "The performance is amazing and mysterious." YAY! I can have more choices the next time when I feel like going for a good musical show.

Want to know more about the show and see photos of the performance?  Head over to their website here.

Disclaimer : We were invited to watch the Voices of the Amazon performance by BASE Entertainment Asia in exchange for this post. No other compensation were received. All photos in this post belong to Voices of the Amazon, you may not use it without permission.  All opinions in this post are 100% ours and base on our experience with the performance.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

10th Edition Cold Storage Kids Run 2017

The 10th edition Cold Storage Kids Run happened on 28 May 2017 all the way at Sentosa, our country's iconic island resort getaway.  

We are familiar with Palawan Green in Sentosa as we have been here for different family run events over the past years.  We made our way slowly to the event area and started to mingle with the crowd, some who are waiting for their flag off time like us or some who has ended their run that started earlier that morning.  Every one was in good spirit and the sunny weather adds on to the good atmosphere.

A bottle of ice cold Peel Fresh to energize us before we head off to the holding pen.

This year we are running alone because our friends' kids are younger than DinoBoy thus we are at different categories, running at different timing.   I wanted us to finish the run earlier so I made sure we were at holding pen entrance when it was near our flag off time so that we are in the 1st wave of our category to be flagged off.  Can you spot us in the photo below? 

For the past Cold Storage Kids Run we are always at the back, always couldn't catch what the Emcee was saying or join in the cheer etc, that day being in the first line was a different experience!  We were so pumped up by the Emcee who pushed our adrenaline up high, the kids just couldn't wait for the blow horn to go off!

The second it went off everyone started sprinting off like lightning!  *ahem* Me included ok! Even though it was short lived, I tried my best, 100m not bad already for a Mum who hasn't been running for months. (hahaha! ya trying hard to find excuse for myself.)

DinoBoy usually ran fast ahead and finish the race before me but that day he ran with me and decided to walk instead after a while.  That was unusual but he said he was tired, I guess the whole week of endless school work took a toll on him.  So we chatted, joked and strolled to the finish line.

And we made it!!! Just gotta pose in front of the finish line even though we didn't really run but we had enormous fun along the way!

Like previous years, there was a carnival for all to play and enjoy, many booths with drinks and food either free for all or pay for it.  One could easily while away the time eating and playing at the carnival, even though its an outdoor event there are plenty of places that offers shades or place to hide away from the sun.

It was heartening to see so many people (some 9000 of us I heard), from the very young sitting comfortably in the pram to the very young at heart coming together for such a great family bonding event.

This is our favourite family run event because it is well organised! I like that there are many event volunteers along the way cheering the runners on, at least they spur me to persist and run on a few meters more before walking again.  There were security personnel around too to ensure that no vehicles nor bicycles are in our race route.  As we have to make a turn to run back to near the starting line, some parts of the route have to cater for runners running at both directions.  To ensure the smooth running and safety of all runners, a fence was placed in the middle of the road divide the road into half for runners in each direction to run on (that also mean we cannot cheat by turning around at that point to run back lor hahaha~).

We will be back for the last time next year.  Why last time?  Well, DinoBoy is turning 12 and that is the age limit for Cold Storage Kids Run, after that he is officially a Tween (OMG!) 

Disclaimer : We were invited to join in the Cold Storage Kids Run for the purpose of this post.  No other compensation were received.  All photos, unless otherwise stated, belongs to The DinoFamily, you may not take them for personal use without seeking our permission.  All opinions in this post are 100% ours and based on our experience at the event.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Asia debut of Voices of the Amazon

Base Entertainment Asia and Sisters Grimm present a passionate dance musical, Voices of the Amazon, which explores rainforest development to show the importance of preserving the unique ecosystem of the Amazon rainforest whilst embracing the true spirit of Brazil.

Set amidst the Brazilian rainforest, Voices of the Amazon follows Beleza, a water spirit, whose quest to cure her dying sister leads her into the heart of the Brazilian rainforest. To her shock and dismay, she discovers the forest is no longer as abundant in plants and natural medicines.

The show features a fusion of ballet, contemporary dance and capoeira and a sensational musical score containing sounds recorded from the Amazon rainforest, with music and songs performed in English and Portuguese. The show aims to highlight the damaging effects of deforestation, the loss of natural medicines and plants and the importance of sustainability.

The Cast and every thing else
Featuring a sensational musical score composed in collaboration with Brazilian songwriters and world-renowned percussionist Olodum, this unique production fuses ballet, contemporary dance and capoeira with live music

Theater, film and television actor Jeremy Irons, who has also done extensive voice work, will be lending his voice to the Voices of the Amazon in a pre-recorded narration. Irons has one of the most varied international film careers, going beyond the expected costume dramas to offer award-winning performances as men of all eras and motives.

Performed by an exceptionally talented company of 14 International performers, Voices of the Amazon promises an exhilarating live experience for all the family, embracing the true spirit of Brazil.

Voices of the Amazon is choreographed by Helen Pickett, in collaboration with Brazilian songwriters Danny Nascimento, Dito Martins and Julien Davis and percussionists Olodum. The show has lighting designed by Ben Cracknell, stage and costume designed by Temple Clark and sound designed by Adrian Rhodes. World Wildlife Fund, EDEN and Alexander Van Tulleken will provide scientific consultation.

An interesting (and Proud) fact about Singapore
Singapore is one of the only two cities in the world with a sizeable area of primary rainforests within its built-up area. Though the nature areas may not be large, it offers medicinal properties, home to a variety of flora and fauna, is part of its natural heritage, an escape for its people to relax and serves as a water catchment area and hence, should be protected and restored.

Chief executive officer of Base Entertainment Asia Chantal Prudhomme said, “Though sustainable development in Singapore took root long before conservation became fashionable, the city-state is becoming an urban landscape where trees, rainforests and natural scenes have been replaced by buildings. With a show like Voices of the Amazon, audiences’ attention will be drawn to the importance of respecting the environment and learn the lessons that rainforests hold for the city as it aims to grow sustainably.”
*** *** *** *** ***

Voices of the Amazon will be making its Asian premiere in Singapore and tickets are now on sale, here are the details

Show Date 
Friday, 28 July 2017 and Saturday 29 July 2017

Show Time
Friday: 8pm, Saturday: 2pm & 8pm

Sands Theatre

Ticket Pricing (Excludes Booking Fee)
VIP Reserve : S$135
A Reserve : S$115
B Reserve : S$85
C Reserve : S$65
D Reserve : S$45

Online Ticketing
Sands Theatre

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Giveaway Details
Prize : A family (x4) B-reserve tickets for Voices of the Amazon for show on 28 July 2017
Contest Ends : 12 July 2017 @ 2359hrs
Open : Singapore
How to Enter :
1. Answer question by commenting in the blog post "Name the Narrator for Voices of the Amazon."
2. By doing all the required steps in the Rafflecopter widget below.  Omitting of any steps will mean you are disqualified from the giveaway.
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a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclaimer : We received complimentary tickets to watch Voices of the Amazon for the purpose of this post.  No other compensation were received.